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April at Leontine

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Happy April from Leontine Linens. This blog should be re-titled the "Leontine Linens Official Fan Page" as it seems like half my posts are about them.As I mentioned in a previous post, when I first spoke to Jane Scott, the company's founder, she offered to help me design monogrammed linens of my own and I forlornly told her I wasn't ready yet for my "official" bedding.I mean, whats the point of getting your maiden name monogrammed on your bed when you've spent the past five years doodling a certain someone's last name with your own on scrap paper?Well, that certain someone...

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domestic bliss

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hello good monday to you all. sorry for my dwindling posts lately, its been a week. i moved into a new house! if you haven't done that lately and don't recall just how hectic that is, trust me it causes you to say things like "im so frazzled" and "its been a week". did i mention it was torrentially raining when i moved? yes. it was. so for the last few days i kind of went off the deep end of moving mania. my brain has been swimming with thoughts of new lamp shades and throw pillows and how i...

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