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fall Inslee By Design The Sketch Book

fall arrived over night here and it. is. COLD. and suddenly i find myself wishing i had a mum plant on my front stoop and leaves underfoot on my driveway. i guess old habits of fall in the countryside die hard even when fall is exciting in the city. every fall, like clock work, my mother gives me a "festive fall mum plant" and instructs me to care for it and keep it on my porch. and every fall, my roommates and i somehow get too busy to take care of the little visitor and it inevitably withers and dies....

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fall homecoming leaves The Sketch Book w&l

the leaves are changing! all crisp and colorful and crunching in the cool air... delightful! and yesterday it was 90 degrees. fall is so confusing. you know, this is the fourth season of the year i've entered via blog and i'm starting to realize that this blog is just as much about the weather as it is about fashion illustration. this can either mean one of two things... a. i am incredibly boring (don't only boring people talk about the weather?) or b. fashion and weather are rather intricately intertwined. when you really think about it, weather is the most...

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Happy October

fall Halloween Inslee October The Sketch Book

October is in my estimation the best month of the year. The weather is perfect for wearing fall and winter clothes without actually needing them for their warmth. You finally can put away all the tired summer stuff and luxuriate in sweaters because they're brand new not because your turning blue from frost bite. And boots for boots sake, not because there's an inch of sludge on the sidewalks.... heavenly. Plus its finally time to start baking and drinking hot coffee again and as if this all isn't enough there are colorful leaves falling everywhere and you get to wear...

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Looking ahead... its ok to fall

fall The Sketch Book

Ok admit it, you recognize the catch phrase "its ok to fall" because you also love to hate spending 2 hours of your Monday nights watching the bachelorette. Don't you love how they all talk about falling in love so much that they've abbreviated it to simply "falling"? But anyway, Fall the season is in full swing in every catalog, magazine, store window etc. Pretty much everywhere but actually outside. The high today will be 94. Yipeeeee makes me want to think about gloves! Not. But that is the reality we live with and so I am thinking about pea...

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