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orange crush

fashion illustration Inslee By Design Katie Rogers PAPERFASHION pinterest The Sketch Book

hello! so this morning i suddenly realized that with all the hustle and bustle of prepping for the stationery show i had only drawn one thing this week. how sad! so i decided to sit down and draw something just for me, well just for you dear blog friends. and i couldn't think of anything! all this prep work had turned off my creative brain! i had the worst case of illustrators block. it was a little scary, ideas are always swirling around my head, its so second nature to me to have creativity be a part of my day....

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jet set

april fools fashion illustration jet set mens fashion miami The Sketch Book

ok i had an elaborate scheme in the works for today... i was going to post an illustration of a man and announce my new plan to become a mens' fashion illustrator as an april fools joke. but alas, there is never any time to execute these witty pranks i come up with so you will just have to make do with the above lady. she is applicable to this situation because i am jet setting off to miami this weekend. and on that note, i am off! have a delightful weekend!

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bride 2

Bridal Bride fashion illustration Inslee By Design Kristin Newman Designs The Sketch Book wedding

Another stunning Kristin Newman Designs bride!

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friday frills

fashion illustration friday randi brookman harris The Sketch Book

happy friday! this illustration was inspired by the stylings of Randi Brookman Harris. Her blog bottomless well of sketching ideas. have a lovely weekend, and if your feeling extra festive, buy a print! oh and ps... here is one of my favorite tidbits from her blog...

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rainy day

fashion illustration rainy day The Sketch Book vogue washington

its thursday and its raining in washington and yes i have left the house today and so yes i do know that the above drawing is pretty unrealistic (although i do wish that coat existed) but anyway, this would be more like it... also, today was featuring a retrospective of fashion illustrations and theeeseee are my favorite ones: pretty huh? the bird lady is my very fave. i hope that it isnt an illustration of a lady wearing a chicken hat, but of a lady wearing an actual chicken.

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