Dargan styled by the Fashion Magpie

March 06, 2011 2 Comments

Happy Birthday Dargan! Dargan is wearing a look created by styling genius Jen of the Fashion Magpie: Richard Nicoll Shirt dress, Louboutin heels, and Kate Spade studs. When I saw this posted on the Magpie site weeks ago I saved it knowing it would be her bday sketch. Call me creepy or call me blessed with an excellent memory, but I distinctly remember loving how she looked last May in her rehearsal dinner one shouldered dress - a piece that was custom made just for her - and I think that is what inspired this idea. Happy Birthday Darg! Love you!!

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Katherine in Tibi

February 07, 2011 5 Comments

Hi... meet Katherine! Katherine is a financier-turned-flower-enthusiast with angelic strawberry blond curls and extreme dance moves. Also, it was her birthday on Saturday. And because I do not blog on weekends, I am sharing this with you now as part of my newly instated plan to celebrate my friends birthdays with illustrations. Katherine is wearing the stylings of the fashion magpie: Tibi dress, accents of emerald jewelry, and Louboutins. It was so fun to pick out an outfit for her, I can't wait for the next birthday of someone fabulous to style and illustrate. Happy Birthday KP! xoxo

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