Lela Rose Fall 2014

February 10, 2014 5 Comments


Yesterday morning was the happiest of mornings. I woke up still reeling from a magical Saturday night with friends and family celebrating our engagement and somehow got my swollen feet back into my heels and headed up town for the Lela Rose fashion show. Nothing kicks the usually unavoidable Sunday fatigue like Lincoln Center during fashion week, waiting in the darkened salon in a sea of floating iPhone screens for the lights to suddenly burst to life with a surge of awesome music and beautiful fashion floating past.

I have come through an arc of feelings about fashion week - intimidation when I first moved to New York later gave way to indifference as it became a regular occurrence. And now finally with a few years of perspective under my belt, I can safely say I love it - whether I'm invited or not. It really is an inspiring aspect of life in New York.

Lela's show was feminine and wearable and made me question every outfit I've already bought for my wedding. Congratulations to her and her team on a beautiful fall collection!


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kate spade fall 2013

February 12, 2013 4 Comments


Hello! Here are some of my sketches from last Friday's kate spade fall 2013 presentation. It was such a fun way to start the weekend. The snow was just beginning to fall outside, and as I walked into the show space I felt like I was in a happy bubble of bright lights and music and color. I loved the big, bright bags, sparkly pointed pumps and big hair.

I sketched these when I got back to the studio after the event while watching the snow get thicker and thicker outside, but I wish I'd brought my sketch book to the show to capture them on site, I felt a little empty handed next to all the bloggers with their huge cameras!

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casting call

August 31, 2012 4 Comments

NYFW is right around the corner and this means model casting is in full swing right now. All week I've felt very miniature riding the elevator on my way up to my studio next to this seemingly different species as they head into castings being held in my building.

It is especially entertaining when more than one is in the elevator with me at the same time. They rarely acknowledge each other which drives me nuts. I want to blurt out "So you all are tall, huh?" or something like that. The competitive, silent tension is almost painful for me to witness. Sometimes they even plop down in the middle of the elevator right next to me, like this is a dressing room that happens to propel upward, and start putting on stilettos. And still, no one says anything. Kills me.

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being there

September 13, 2011 4 Comments

Spending Sunday in this wonderful city was truly something to experience. the mood to me was a mix of melancholy, peace, strength and of course always creativity. i love that DVF took to the runway with her little American flags and that fashion shows "must go on" despite this anniversary. that is what makes New York. and to add to the emotional mixing pot, i got to attend my first fashion show at Lincoln Center, Lela Rose, on Sunday. Such an exciting day. The day when my internet world of fashion (hmm... I sound a little creepy) became the real world I was walking through. Twilight zone. Let me just say, it is SO different than just browsing the internet for my favorite looks from the shows. My usual experience is clicking through images until I find one that captures my heart and I know I have to illustrate it. But this was so very different. As the show began I was poised and ready, thinking study each look make sure you don't forget to mentally catalogue your favorite! and I was diligently memorizing coral swing coat... fitted top... etc when THE ONE just appeared and I knew I  could stop trying to dissect this artistic experience and let the beauty of this dress wash over me. the model (illustrated above) was literally floating in a cloud of polka dotted fabric that seemed to defy gravity, lighter than air. it was cut so sweetly, so femininely I wanted to trot out of the tent wearing it myself and go dancing.

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extravagantly pink

September 11, 2011 3 Comments

An early favorite of the first runway shows, this Jason Wu look is everything i love about illustrating fashion. Can you imagine how much fun it would be to wear this?

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portrait of a lady

September 07, 2011 4 Comments

hello friends. here is a quick portrait roughly based off of a photograph of kiera knightley. because, why not? shes beautiful. now on to my real reason for posting tonight: making you feel sorry for me when i signed off on friday with my blissfully naieve post about looking forward to fashion week over the weekend... well i had no idea just how much time i was about to have on my hands to contemplate fashionweek from afar. in my attempt to return to new york city monday afternoon from my weekend away, i somehow ended up stranded in an airport in north carolina for 39 hours. talk about time to look forward to the festivities. and read... tweets from people eagerly preparing for this ultimate chicweek. torture! word to the wise - if your going to leave charlotte, take a bus, or just don't go there in the first place if you are a type-a workaholic with a blog waiting at home for you to update. just not worth the risk! so ANYWAY, my point is this: i had grannnd plans about blogging through fashion week and sharing with you all my favorite things, and i still HOPE to do so, but im pathetically behind in all aspects of life - laundry, sleep, email, and art. sigh.... ok, diving right in to get caught up (on everything except the sleep!)

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personal flair

March 10, 2011 6 Comments

Thanks to the recent fashion week season and resulting beautiful street style imagery that has just hit the bloggosphere, my desk top is cluttered to the brim with images I've saved haphazardly off of tumblr and twitter etc. Images that I've seen just at a glance and loved and saved in haste to rediscover later. This morning I opened them all up and found myself looking at a layered collage of little accessories and moments of women on the streets living their lives in beautiful detail. Almost none of the images I'd saved were from runway collections. And then it occurred to me that maybe what I love most about this industry isn't the far-out collections that strut at fashion week, but the way real women collect and combine elements of style to create individual stories about themselves. I guess you could say I'm an illustrator of the people (albeit ridiculously skinny, well heeled woman-people). But all the same its the personal details, not the conceptual runway shows that speak to me. These two illustrations are inspired by snapshots from streetstylings I found in the sea of jgs on my desktop. I've added a few imagined finishing touches too - because just as I love seeing how people create their unique ensembles, I love creating these particular little sketches in my own way. ps. these prints are for sale!

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