back to school

August 06, 2013 3 Comments


I know, I know I know. How cute is she?! This was a recent commission for Megan, a Georgetown student.

Doesn't it just make you want to crack open a new package of flash cards? Back in my day, we walked barefoot, up hill to school, both ways. We also hand-wrote our notes and made our art history flashcards by printing out images and glueing them on little paper cards. This has probably been replaced by some sort of iPad flashcard app. Don't even tell me about it. The memory is too beautiful, I don't want to taint it with modern advancements. Let me tell you, I LOVED flashcards. Loved them.

I've been pining away for the excitement and energy of a fall on campus a lot lately. My summer intern is preparing to head down to Sewanee in a few weeks to start the most magical journey of her young life - freshman year. Not only am I depressed she's leaving me, but I'm green with envy every time we discuss what her new bedding will look like (obviously monogrammed, aqua scalloped edges) and whether she or her roommate will bring the mini fridge. I've literally begged her to take me with her! Youth really is wasted on the young. (Can you say things like this at 27?)

Sigh... at least I'll get a little bit of college in at my five year W&L reunion this fall!

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Spring Wedding Season at Urban Chic Boutique

March 20, 2013 1 Comment

Happy First Day of Spring! I am celebrating by wearing a ski coat and earmuffs. Still feels like winter in New York.

But enough of reality, let's focus on blogland where it's time to wear a white lace dress and walk around with a champagne flute while planning your June wedding like this illustration here. I created her for Urban Chic Boutique's Third Annual "Urban Chic Says I Do" event. The event will take place March 29th and 30th at their Georgetown shop. The Boutique is turning itself into a mini wonderland of bridal delights for the weekend  featuring their favorite local jewelry designers, hair and makeup experts, photographers, party planners and caterers annnnnnnddd their favorite bridal portrait illustrator - me!

So if you are lucky enough to be spending Easter weekend in Washington and are in the process of planning a wedding, come by and see me on Friday at the store! I'll be there taking appointments with brides to discuss and schedule commissions. You can browse examples of my work and we can pick a project that suits you and your wedding perfecty!

If you shop at the event I will offer you a 15% discount on your bridal portrait and/or bridesmaid sketches! I'll also be selling some new bridal note cards and painting monograms at the event so you can test out your new last name in watercolor. Cute, right? Right!

Here's the official invite. Consider yourself officially invited!

If you are super excited about getting one-on-one time with me or any of the other vendors email me at or email my urban chic go-to girl, Katie at and we will schedule you!

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Ella Rue's new site

March 06, 2013 4 Comments

Congratulations to Ella Rue on their new website! I've told you about Ella Rue before, it is a wonderful consignment boutique. Krista, the store's owner and curator, just launched a lovely new website full of cute illustrations by yours truly so be sure to go check it out! This illustration above is their landing page and is a sketch of their cute georgetown shop.

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Ella Rue turns 2

November 09, 2012 6 Comments


Happy 2nd birthday to Ella Rue!

Ella Rue is darling little consignment boutique tucked away on one of my favorite tree-lined streets in Georgetown and today is the 2nd anniversary of the shop's opening!

An old friend of mine, Krista Johnson, started plans for the store right about the time I was starting my commission business. She named the store after her two puppies Ella and Rue. And yes, that's the three of them illustrated above. If you look at her current website - she has a new site coming soon featuring many new illustrations of mine - you'll see one of my very first commission sketches I created for her back in 2009.

I remember our first meeting at Baked & Wired (if you are in DC, amazing cupcakes) to talk about her design, we had no idea what would come of all of this. I'm pretty proud of what both of us have accomplished in the last few years!

Krista has curated a collection of high end designer items and I'm looking forward to popping in to see what she has in store when I head home for Thanksgiving.

So happy birthday to the ER team, I hope Ella and Rue are getting extra treats today!

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September 05, 2012 2 Comments

Guess what tomorrow is... Fashion's Night Out! And this year I'll be back in my favorite old stomping grounds to celebrate. I will be at Urban Chic in Georgetown sketching shoppers, come see me!

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outfit post

June 27, 2011 6 Comments

so, it just occurred to me. I never do outfit posts talking about what I've worn. do I even count as a blogger? what have I been waiting for? I guess I never really think my outfits are that interesting. maybe NYC will coax the inner fashion dare devil out of me and I'll have some subject matter to work with. in the mean time, I thought I'd illustrate an outfit I saw this weekend that struck my fancy. now call me creepy if you must, I'd prefer it if you called me a young Sartorialist, but I found this girl perfectly captivating, sitting at the next table over at dinner on friday night. Like I was really starring and I think I even turned to watch her walk out so I could inspect her shoes more closely... ok, actually no, it was to enviously note how thin her legs are. But really, she was so cute in her lace semi-see-through top and yellow shorts. What a perfectly carefree outfit for a casual dinner out in Georgetown, no?

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fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at lunch!

June 06, 2011 7 Comments

Remember that episode of the office? One of my faves. Anyway... behold this cute little logo for the Urban Chic Fashion Show 2011 Urban Chic is my absolutely favorite place to shop in Georgetown. Seriously, its like my second home. I even worked there for a summer when I first graduated and promptly spent every penny I earned on clothes there. They have launched a yearly fashion show that has been a huge hit each year and I am sure this show will be just as great. Their theme is sort of a play on the styles of the 70's, but with a modern, urban, chicness to it of course. The show is going to be held at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore this fall. Follow Urban Chic on the book to get updates about the show if you are in the area!

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