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Life starts all over again

2013 calendar fall Inslee By Design Inslee Calendar September The Sketch Book

Crisp fall days are just around the corner and  sept calendar girl is ready and waiting to start this fresh new month, happy September!

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2013 august 2013 calendar august Inslee By Design Inslee Calendar The Sketch Book

 Happy August - a day late! Time to hop on that rusty old beach bike and head into town for some fresh cut sunflowers and soak up what's left of summer this weekend.August for me is always a time of scrambling to squeeze in as much lemonade and sunshine and white shorts as I possibly can before "school" starts. And by school, I mean, the universal mindset that life starts over again in September.

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2014 Calendar is here!

2014 calendar Calendar Inslee By Design Inslee Calendar News and Events

 Here she is! The 2014 Calendar! Just chillin on my Society Social Bar CartCan't wait for you all to see each month! I had so much fun creating this edition of my calendar. I put a lot of thought into each illustration, trying to capture the feeling that each month holds, infused with the memories and experience... The saturated stillness of July heat, the frenzy of a new September, the romance of a February night, the perky energy of April... I could go on.I will look forward to sharing my inspiration for each image with you as we move through the year....

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July 2013

2013 calendar bikini calendar girl Inslee By Design Inslee Calendar july summer The Sketch Book

I can't believe it's calendar changing day yet again. I barely had a chance to get to know June! This summer is flying by. July is here, rocking one of my favorite combinations - sweaters and bikinis. So illogical to pair these two together, and yet so chic.

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it's June!

Inslee By Design Inslee Calendar inslee stationery june The Sketch Book

Happy June! Time to dip your toes in the water and start enjoying summer!

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