Kate Spade + West Elm + Inslee Live Illustration Event

February 26, 2015 0 Comments





A peak at one of my latest illustration events celebrating the Kate Spade + West Elm collaboration! 

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kate spade fall 2015

February 13, 2015 1 Comment

 Today I had the pleasure of escaping the studio to see the Kate Spade Fall 2015 Preview. Kate Spade knows the importance of beautiful clothing and accessories they design, but equally significant - they know the importance of creating a beautiful environment. Every season I've had the chance to see their new collection, I'm always struck by how transportive their "set design" is, how whatever mood they're hoping to create is perfectly captured in the abundance of celebrated details. They are staging geniuses, I tell you.

This season is all about ***hold up, don't you just love sentences that start with "this season is all about"?!

Anyway, this season is all about conjuring up the romantic, cozy magic of an Old New York hotel bar. The floors were black watch plaid, the walls were mural coved and dotted with sconces. Like I said - geniuses. A sconce goes a long way in helping you sense Old New York City charm. And the models were sipping from cut crystal tumblers while they modeled. So bewitching. (I hope you're reading in a british accent because I am typing in one)

I could imagine the models slipping off their pedestals and #behindthecurtain of a dimly lighted, inviting little hotel lounge on a crisp October day... and so I promptly raced back to the studio to sketch the scene and made it available as a print for you. 


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kate spade fall 2013

February 12, 2013 4 Comments


Hello! Here are some of my sketches from last Friday's kate spade fall 2013 presentation. It was such a fun way to start the weekend. The snow was just beginning to fall outside, and as I walked into the show space I felt like I was in a happy bubble of bright lights and music and color. I loved the big, bright bags, sparkly pointed pumps and big hair.

I sketched these when I got back to the studio after the event while watching the snow get thicker and thicker outside, but I wish I'd brought my sketch book to the show to capture them on site, I felt a little empty handed next to all the bloggers with their huge cameras!

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nyfw - being there

February 17, 2012 7 Comments

Hello! I wanted to share some very quick sketches from the three fashion week events I attended this NYFW. It was a busy week and I didn't have time to do official paintings like I usually do. So I just did quick sketches when I got home from each event. The first is from Sophie Theallet. Her collection was - somewhat disturbingly - inspired by the women of Grey Gardens. But it was beautifully modern in design, each piece was strikingly flattering and the pallet was deliciously fall-like. Oh and I want to send a big thank you to IFB and Taylor for hooking me up with a pass to this show! I also visited the kate spade event, as I already gushed about. Couldn't resist doing another sketch, it was all so lovely. And I had the best time at the presentation. Some shows inspire a strict environment of "i'm so bored, anna wintour is in my way" but not kate spade. It was a party through and through -  ks has a wonderful joie de vivre that some more formal design houses have lost touch with. The atmosphere was energetic, welcoming and a perfect celebration for their new collection. And finally, Misha Nonoo. I had never really heard of this designer before but I really liked what I saw, and heard, and smelled. It was a really beautifully choreographed presentation, they had lovingly crafted all the details to create an amazing ambiance. From the scented candles burning quietly in all the corners to the soundtrack of spoken french read over quietly swelling music to the towering breakfast spread of chocolate croissants and fresh juice. And of course the clothes were perfect for this romantic space - elegant, simple and subtly coquettish. Well there you have it. Fashion week is officially over and I can breath a sigh of relief. No, not because i was racing to every single show in my stilettos and trying to make it to all the social media parties, but because nothing makes me question my entire existence as much as NYFW. I have the classic social syndrome, FOMO, or fear of missing out. I always think the one social gathering I missed was the best one ever. I hate missing a single girls dinner out and will always be the first one on board when my college friends plan a reunion. So when the fashion scene suddenly becomes overtly, aggressively, constantly social for one week each February and September I am forced to endure FOMO on both a social and professional level. With each tweet I read I become more insecure, "will I ever get to see all these runway shows?" "since when do I feel entitled to be at any runway show?" "should I start designing my own clothes?" "who am I!?" Ugh, I am worn out!

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pardon my french

February 15, 2012 6 Comments

oh la la... where do i begin? the kate spade fall 2012 preview was such fun. the title of the event "toutes les filles sont folles" or "all the girls are mad" says it all. french chicness and colorful kate spade playfulness of epic proportions. really, thank you ks team for creating a preview tailored to my exact list of favorite things: french femininity, garance dore's scrawling handwriting, stripped pedestals and giant fashion illustrations everywhere. seriously this is literally my list of favorite things. (plus croissants) i had so much fun walking through the bubbly crowd and seeing the little details on each model. i want to sketch them all. and probably will. but i had to start with this one. the floaty skirt, the bow belt, the shirt. that shirt... i must get one. ok back to sketching!

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February 11, 2012 4 Comments

an illustrated e-valentine i created for the kate spade b mine event! hope everyone is having a warm, fuzzy weekend of love!

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the gift guide

December 13, 2011 4 Comments

Hello! Guess what today is... The reveal of the first ever holiday gift guide, hand selected, hand illustrated by moi. I have included everything from these Jacques Levine Inslees to...

The deliciousness of Kiehls.

And from preppy Jcrew toggle coats and Kate Spade fur pullovers t0....

terrifyingly trendy coffee table books about Alexander McQueen.

Go read the whole guide at Shut Up, I Love That!

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