Daphne on Instagram, wearing Loren Hope

February 24, 2015 0 Comments

Alert. Daphne is on Instagram. And wearing all of Loren Hope's new collection on one arm in Cafe Gitane while snapping pictures of latte art. And is that a 6 carat canary diamond engagement ring? Of course it is. Oh Daphne. 

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73SPRINGSHOP - The Greatest Shopping Experience You Will Ever Have

November 20, 2014 5 Comments

I am back to round out the rest of your December schedule with more events focused on ME. I assume you've already planned your outfit for my Dempsey & Carroll 2015 Calendar event on December 2nd, which is great. I applaud you for being so organized. 

Now, let me be straight with you. The Dempsey & Carroll event is going to be a rager. A 5:30 pm Tuesday night paper-themed cocktail party always leads to a wild time with stories you can only allude to the next day at work without being judged heavily. 

Seriously. I'm not going to sugar coat this one, you will be hungover.

You will wake up with glitter in your hair and one of those mysterious black light activated stamps on the inside of your wrist that mean you went to a club afterwards. You will need to call and cancel your debit card because you left your tab open somewhere.

But, I know you all are up to the challenge. My followers are nothing if not resilient. Which brings me to my next point... 

If you've sobered up and recovered enough by Friday the 5th and are itching to celebrate more, I welcome you to scratch that itch and come visit me at my studio for the opening night of my collaborative holiday pop up shop, 73 Spring Shop! 

This is a truly one-of-a-kind, first time ever, amazing, synergistic, woman-powered pop up hosted by six wonderful brands working together.

Loren Hope, Design Darling, Persifor, Society Social, Three Jane and my own sweet baby, Inslee By Design are partnering up to make your holiday shopping a pure joy.

We each offer a unique product that will check any and every box on your shopping list. And you can tell your coworker/sister/motherinlaw/favoritesoulcycleteacher that you purchased their gift from the designers themselves when you were personally invited to their studio. How thoughtful and resourceful does that make you look? Very.

Not only is this an incredible opportunity to find distinctive and awesome presents, it is also an opportunity to take sick instagrams. Seriously everything about this pop up shop is going to be impossible not to instagram. 

I'm talking peony and citrus infused Christmas Trees, a spiked hot chocolate bar, a special station where I'll be dressed as Santa so you can sit on my lap for pictures*... it's going to be incredible.

*That last part about me dressed as Santa just came to me mid blogpost. Have not run this by any of the other designers yet. They may find this a little off-focus. But don't worry, it will happen. If not me, we'll definitely* convince my husband to do this. 

*will never happen in a million years

Anyway, we'll be open for business December 5-12th here at 73 Spring Street in room 401. You can find us just off the 6 train between Lafayette and Crosby streets. We can't wait to meet you, toast the season and help you find perfect gifts for everyone you love. 


In case you're having a slow day at the office and need more distractions, here's a brief bio about each member of the #73SpringShop crew. 

Design Darling, Mackenzie Horan

Mackenzie is an incredibly cute tiny person from Connecticut. She likes monograms and will monogram anything you want on-site at our event. Literally, she will tattoo you with your initials if you so choose. I heard recently that my generation misinterprets "literally" quite often. Let me just say for the record, I know exactly what it means and I've never used it lightly. You know me, I don't exaggerate. Mackenzie is ready to ink you up. 

insider tip: She once had a competition with my husband to see who was more bowlegged. They tied. 


Society Social, Roxy Owens

Where to begin? Roxy and I are deeply in love. We couldn't do it without each other. Wait...this was supposed to be a bio. I lapsed into diary entry mode. 

If you read my blog, you know alllllll about Society Social. Roxy's expert eye and glorious designs make everything about 73 Spring Shop come to life. The entire space is furnished by her. You'll get to see her bar carts, chairs, sofas, mirrors and tables in action at the event. 

insider tip: Roxy hates wearing pants. She inspired me to create this print. She's currently not wearing pants somewhere. 


Loren Hope, Loren Barham

Loren is the ultimate badass. Because while the other five of us get to plan this event from the comfort of our studio, Loren is video conferencing in from her amazing jewelry designing headquarters in Rhode Island and is having to execute her entire plan remotely while planning to relocate herself, her staff and her inventory to NYC all in the name of meeting you, dear shoppers. You better come buy her stuff purely from a guilt-perspective. But more importantly buy it because it is the hottest thing out there right now - gorgeous statement jewelry pieces that mix vintage stones and styling with modern edge and vibrant color. 

insider tip: her husband is obsessed with karaoke and on an unrelated note, she designed custom earrings for each of my bridesmaids.


Persifor, Alex Thompson

Alex and I met and got to know each other through the planning of #73SpringShop and I couldn't be more excited to call her a new friend. She is just all around awesome. You're going to love her. She'll be offering her colorful line of women's wear at our shop. We even have a cute little dressing room for you to change in so you can see how it will all fit. None of that sample sale clothes-ripping-off-in-public madness. (We love you, but we don't want you naked in the middle of our party... as I said, save the weird stuff for the Calendar party on Tuesday) 

insider tip: she has a baby girl named T-bone. 


Three Jane, Katie Schloss

Katie is the other cutest and tiniest person from Connecticut. If there's anything I've learned in my friendship with Katie and Mackenzie it is that the Elven community of Connecticut is a down-to-earth and welcoming people with a rich history of entrepreneurialism. Katie will be offering her collection of beautiful and creatively designed jewelry. Her earrings are my go-to dress up pieces these days and I can't tell you how quickly everyone I meet compliments me on them. 

insider tip: Katie is PERKY. She will out-perk a six year old on Christmas morning. You need sunglasses to look directly at her. Also she's named her future dog, "ribbit"... I'll let her explain this to you. 


Inslee By Design, Inslee Fariss

This is me in one of my early creations from my brief stint as a costume designer for the cast of Les Miserables. I am modeling the look I created for Jean Valjean. Around age 9 I retired from costume design and began focusing on works on paper, many of which will be for sale at #73SpringShop. We're talking neon nudes, ballerinas, original watercolors framed and unframed, prints of every variety, calendars both large and small and perhaps ****an opportunity or two for a live custom sketch****

insider tip: my parents will be attending this event with me and will give a short speech on raising a child costume designer without forfeiting my education. 

xoxoxo that's all folks! Back to work! I hope you come shop! 

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Loren Hope illustrated

October 10, 2013 6 Comments

If you follow me on instagram then you already know about my love affair with Loren Hope jewelry. Not only is she an inspiring fellow female entrepreneur and a wonderful friend, but her designs are my very favorite costume jewelry and my go-to pieces when I am dressing up.

Loren asked me to sketch pieces from her newest collection and some of her iconic pieces too. Her new fall/winter collection is inspired by the beauty of the galaxy and all things celestial, with a very moving story behind this cosmic design asthetic honoring her loved ones. Read about it in her new lookbook!

Loren and I are working on turning this collaboration into stationery for her. This kind of project reminds me why I love my job. Partnering with true talent makes your own light shine a little bit brighter, don't you think?

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the LIST collective

March 07, 2013 1 Comment

If you follow me on instagram then you already know how much I love a good list. List making is in my DNA, I inherited the list gene from my mother. Not only is it the best organizational tactic around, but I happen to think lists make for pretty good reading. I think of them as informative poetry.

If you share this sentiment, you are in luck! Thanks to founder Elaine Brooks, you can read so many amazing lists on the list collective created by various design and creative types from around the country, including one by me!

I featured some of my favorite internet finds in my list including Society Social, Design Darling, and Loren Hope and also listed some of my favorite spots in my neighborhood, the good old East Village. You can also dig deeper and learn a little bit more about me on the Behind The List Q&A.

Thank you, Elaine, for the opportunity to create a little informative poetry and for such a fun way to share it!


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Loren Hope Fall/Winter 2012

August 28, 2012 3 Comments

The Loren Hope Fall/Winter Collection 2012 launched yesterday with a beautiful new lookbook. If you haven't seen it yet, be sure to look through the whole thing, its perfectly styled and the new pieces are exquisite. My favorite thing about the book is the section Loren added called "Taking it to the street" in which she asked a group of bloggers to style her new collection with their own wardrobes. For example, thats Blair Eadie above.  And drum rolll.... I

I am beyond thrilled and honored to be included in this group of women! Thats me on the right and Mackenzie Horan of Design Darling beside me.

I'm wearing the Clara earrings and Clara bracelet, Alex cuff and Layla layering bracelet. Did I mention I get to keep these baubles? It's like my birthday in August!

Here are a few more highlights from my adventure in styling...

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the roxy

August 08, 2012 2 Comments


Last night I had a much needed meeting of the minds with fellow independent creatives Roxy Owens of Society Social, Loren Barham of Loren Hope and Mackenzie Horan of Design Darling.

Each one of these women is doing something something uniquely beautiful - and lucky for me - they understand the ups and downs of building your own job from scratch. We got to talking about the little things that drive us crazy, our hopes for expanding our brands, our dreams of sun-filled studios and how finding time for blogging regularly is harder than it sounds.

For example, I had the bright idea while chatting with these inspiring women that I'd sketch them for the blog today. But, just like what we were commiserating about, there isn't time to do it today. Commissions are piling up as I type!

I had to scale back my blogging ambitions and instead illustrate something a little smaller. So here is one of Loren's designs, the Roxy. Isn't it cool? And yes it's named after Roxy herself and she was wearing it too.

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painting big

June 20, 2012 11 Comments


Hello! I am so excited to share these new paintings with you guys! I spent the last few days painting something a little bigger for a change...  really big. Like three x five feet big.

This sumi ink & acrylic matador was a commission for the lovely Loren of Loren Hope Designs - stay tuned for pictures of it in her living room once it's framed! I hear she has some Society Social design elements that will compliment it beautifully too.

I also confronted my fears of the sea and painted some sumi octopi (octopuses?). Did you know about my sea phobia? I am deathly afraid of non-land-dwellers and do not eat sea food. It's my tragic flaw.

Here they are... I mean look at these monsters. Why do you people eat this?...

I had so much fun letting my imagination and my brush strokes run wild on a bigger scale. Although the garage floor will never be the same (sumi ink really likes to splatter)

As much as a certain non-pink-chair-allowing roommate would like to keep an octopus to hang on our wall, I plan to make these available for sale. Please contact me if you are interested!

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