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Mrs. Illustrations for sale

mrs. lilien The Sketch Book

Thank you for all the delightful feedback about my mrs. illustrations. If you'd like to buy a set of these prints, I've added them for sale. And they're two for the price of one!

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mrs. lilien, my hero

mrs. lilien News and Events

oh my goodness oh my goodness! i am so excited!!! mrs. lilien likes my posting! look!!! this is the only thing - i mean it, the only thing - that could lift my spirits on this darkest of days. it is jury duty day for me. i have never had it before and it has provided me with hours of fretting and whining. really, i am a total wuss. i have been complaining bitterly for a solid week in anticipation and dread of this very day. not only did i have to ride public transportation to get here but this...

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happy 2011!

2011 harper's bazaar Inslee By Design january calendar le fashion mrs. lilien new years The Sketch Book

better late than never... i meant to post this on the 1st but i was entertaining some lovely new years house guests, which at the end of the day is always more important than blogging so here it is at last! january 2011 calendar page uno! my mother thinks she looks like nancy grace. yes, this woman: hmmm... also here are some other things i meant to post last week but there was absolutely no time to do so because my new years house guests arrived all sporting christmas ipads and what is a girl to do but sit down...

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