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happy november

2012 Calendar hurricane sandy Inslee By Design Inslee Haynes manhattan New York The Sketch Book

It's time to change the calendar! A new month has arrived bringing with it the promise of electricity in the next 48 hours for the refugees of lower manhattan and the start of a new holiday season (which we can confirm has actually begun officially by the release of holiday starbucks cups this morning)I've never been so glad to change the calendar as I am today. October was a frenzy of too much work, too much play and not nearly enough electricity. Here's hoping November will be a little more balanced.Judging by the beautiful morning I woke up to, we're...

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Lauren & Sandy

carrot soup cooking hurricane lauren snow cosmetics New York recipe sandy soul cycle The Sketch Book

Here is an illustration I just created for Lauren Snow Cosmetics. Isn't she darling? Be sure to visit her lovely new site! Lauren offers a wide range of makeup services, I think her destination wedding services sound like the most fun! Imagine getting to fly off to a tropical destination just to make the bride and her bridesmaids look beautiful... sounds like a dream job.Speaking of flying off to tropical destinations, that is something that no one New York will be doing today. Sandy has us on house arrest. She is bringing to light the basic fears of New Yorkers:...

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bastille day buvette champagne Inslee New York The Sketch Book

It's almost Bastille Day, so today my post will be about my favorite place for French eating in New York.About this time last year, just after moving here, my friends and I discovered a sweet little French restaurant called Buvette. I think we were probably looking for somewhere to celebrate Bastille day. And I think I also fell asleep on the bar, exhausted from moving in and absorbing all of the newness of the city, while two of my favorite wine fanatics analyzed the finer points of a champagne into the early hours of the morning.We have spent more time there...

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iced coffee season

iced coffee Inslee la colombe New York The Sketch Book watercolor

It's that time of year again. Iced coffee time! Is there anything more addicting? I don't think so. I was waiting in line at La Colombe this morning and I flashed back to a memory from a few years ago when I was still living in DC and visiting friends in New York for the weekend. I arrived early on Friday afternoon. The girls were still at work so I went in "the cute little coffee shop on the corner" to wait for them to get home and let me in to their apartment. I remember being so enchanted by...

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weekend inspiration

Christmas Inslee By Design New York The Sketch Book

No no, you are mistaken. This is not me and my traditionally dressed manfriend standing in the window of our elegant living room contemplating how perfect life in NYC at Christmas time is. (as some of you know, said man friend is very difficult to get out of neon shoes and plaid shirts and the living room window is one eighth this size) This is actually a commissioned Christmas design I recently created for a client. She wanted me to capture the grandeur of old New York, an elegantly designed interior, and of course her and her husband looking fabulous....

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