Out Of Office

May 12, 2014 19 Comments

Please enjoy this sweet little scene of a perfect spring day in NYC while I excuse myself for a casual TWO WEEKS to get married and go to Corsica! Consider this my official Out-Of-Office notice, I am signing out and heading down the aisle!

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Huggies, Mom Trends and Inslee

May 06, 2014 6 Comments

Hello! In honor of Mother's Day being right around the corner, I thought I'd share some of my recent work for Nicole Feliciano of the MomTrends blog and Huggies Diapers . Nicole and Huggies teamed up on the launch and design of new wipe-pouches that double as chic little wristlet clutches for today's fashion-forward mom and I helped by illustrating for this MomTrends blog post on how these clutches work. Ahh, family togetherness and good clean fun! Don't you just love this all American commission? Happy Mother's Week to all of the moms out there (I think you get the whole week... and next week too!)

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See ya later alligator

March 18, 2014 9 Comments

Rawrrr! Today I am excited to share something rather exotic with you. An eight foot long painting of an alligator that I created as a custom project for a client. Blair and her husband wanted a statement piece for their home in Louisiana, so this giant sumi ink and acrylic alligator was just the critter to fill their new space.

Inspired by the chunky and ferocious alligator tryptic of Yvonne Hanriout Giraud and Blair's southern roots I set out to wrestle a piece of very curled up, very unwilling to un-curl-up paper that was taller than myself into submission on my garage floor and painted this...

All I can say is, I'm grateful that the last few days of 2013 weren't snowy like the rest of the winter have been. I had a few "warm" hours to spread out and paint this giant gator in my garage in December in Virginia without freezing to death!


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Wit Weddings

March 11, 2014 9 Comments

Meet Erica and Laura, the wedding planners and TWINS behind Wit Weddings, a new event planning firm in the Washington DC area. How fun is that - twin wedding planners... beautiful twin wedding planners!

Erica and Laura met with me over coffee and croissants at my favorite place in DC, the Patisserie Poupon to discuss the concept for the illustrations for their site. How could I say no to a commission that began over a croissant? They had me at hello.

We planned for a muted palate of sketches for their site design to illustrate the beauty of some of the iconic moments that brides and grooms treasure at their weddings. It was so much fun for me to sketch each scene and try to capture the magic of these moments as I look forward to planning them for my own wedding. Here they are! The first kiss....

  The first dance... the cake cutting...    

The champagne toast (which will be extra exciting at my wedding - think champagne saber) .... And of course, the getaway! DC brides - I strongly recommend these twin wedding planner babes if you're on the planner hunt this spring! Planners with this great of taste in illustration for sure have the talent to create an event you will love.

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Happy Galentine's Day

February 12, 2014 2 Comments

It's almost Valentine's Day, which means that - even better - it's almost Gal-entine's Day! Does anyone know what I'm talking about? You know... from Parks & Rec... Leslie Knope makes all her girlfriends celebrate on February 13th and calls it Gal-entine's Day.

Anyway, I love the idea of Galentine's. After all, who get's excited about flowers and sweets and wearing pink? Girls. Who hates all that stuff? Boys.

So why are we wringing our hands trying to make the men in our lives celebrate a holiday that we're pretty much better at celebrating on our own? Bring on the BFF love! Your BFF will totally appreciate the letterpressed $14 dollar valentine you send her. Your boyfriend would probably use it as a coaster.

You know what else your BFF would love? A custom sketch of the two of you like this one! I created this to help a bride ask her maid of honor to be a part of her wedding. How cute is that?!

I plan to celebrate Galentine's all week and weekend with much emoticon use, red manicures and most importantly, brunch.

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Lela Rose Fall 2014

February 10, 2014 5 Comments


Yesterday morning was the happiest of mornings. I woke up still reeling from a magical Saturday night with friends and family celebrating our engagement and somehow got my swollen feet back into my heels and headed up town for the Lela Rose fashion show. Nothing kicks the usually unavoidable Sunday fatigue like Lincoln Center during fashion week, waiting in the darkened salon in a sea of floating iPhone screens for the lights to suddenly burst to life with a surge of awesome music and beautiful fashion floating past.

I have come through an arc of feelings about fashion week - intimidation when I first moved to New York later gave way to indifference as it became a regular occurrence. And now finally with a few years of perspective under my belt, I can safely say I love it - whether I'm invited or not. It really is an inspiring aspect of life in New York.

Lela's show was feminine and wearable and made me question every outfit I've already bought for my wedding. Congratulations to her and her team on a beautiful fall collection!


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from the desk of Events by Reagan

January 24, 2014 1 Comment

Happy Friday! Here's a fun recent commission for a friend of mine, Reagan of Events by Reagan. Reagan got her start as a wedding planner learning from the fabulous Kristin Newman and now is working for herself. You can find her through her beautiful new website, I highly recommend if you're looking for a planner!

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