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Girl About Town

Bradshaw Styling Girl About Town News and Events Stephanie Bradshaw

Stephanie Bradshaw is an amazing Baltimore-based stylist who I have been working with since... well man I feel old... since way back to my college days. If you visit her website you'll notice my work in her logo. She is totally in the know about all things chic and she just launched her blog "Girl About Town" which is an awesome resource for local fasionistas. I can't believe I just used the word fashionista, but really, check her out! I'm going to be partnering with her more in the coming months so stay tuned!

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2011 Calendar!

2011 Calendar News and Events

Hello everyone! Do you like the new blog/website? I am so excited I can finally share it with you... its been a work in progress for quite a while. And my excitement is doubled by getting to announce that the 2011 calendar is ready and waiting for you. I think this years is my favorite ever, hurry and order!

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Featured on Beauty and the Feast

beauty and the feast blog News and Events

Hi Everyone! How has August been treating you? I just got back from a wonderful trip to Mexico to find out that I was featured last week on Beauty and the Feast Blog! Be sure to visit it, I know you'll love it. It features the two most important things - good food and good fashion. What more do you really need? Well if you are in Mexico, you'd need to add bottled water to the list... but since I'm back that pretty much covers it. Here's the link to the feature on me!...

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From tutus to golf tees

News and Events

The last few days have been wild around here. Allow me to recap... this is my walking team "Tutus & Tatas" crossing the finish line at the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. We have just walked 39 miles, don't we look fabulous despite this Herculean effort? Thanks in part to your purchase of Power of Pink cards, the Tutus raised over $65,000! And what did I do after this casual marathon and a half? Go to sleep for 3 days? Sit on the couch and eat bonbons? No, I launched a new card! (then I ate bonbons....and Chinese delivery) Blossom...

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