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annie hall

Annie Hall Full House NYC The Sketch Book

i'm channeling a very Annie Hall weekend, how about you? maybe its because i'm heading to new york this afternoon. Annie Hall is one of my all time favorite movies. Have you seen it?  the humor is priceless. Also, you may have noticed from the above sketch, but the 'borrowed from the boys' trend originated in this film. win win situation. Alright, I'm off, have a lovely weekend!

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oscar fever

NYC oscars The Sketch Book weekender

i'm already excited for the gowns this sunday night! i think i had a dream about this dress or i saw it somewhere and dont know where. i would wear this if i was oscar bound this weekend. but really what i need right now is this... a good transitional spring/winter layering outfit and a giant leather bag. i'm going to nyc tomorrow and i love the simple joy of discovering you can fit everything you need for a one night trip into one streamlined weekender bag.

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Blazers Galore

Blazers NYC The Sketch Book

I am sitting here, trapped in the middle of the week. With a head cold that is blurring my ability to see any hope on the horizon... I really don't know where I am going with this, except to say that I wish I could rewind to Saturday night, when I was stampeding through the streets of New York City with a herd of eight girls all wearing matching black blazers, and decide to go to bed 5 hours earlier thus not waking up with this cold. But as that is not an option, I must at least find some...

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