The Sketch Book — NYC

April Calendar Girl 2015: A story blooms in the west village

2015 calendar april calendar girl NYC

Close your eyes. Call on your darkened imagination to summon the remembered sounds of a spring rain. The first elastic drops echoing off newly minted leaves and grass, the sounds gradually growing steadier - a more saturated soundscape and rhythm. Finally building to reach crescendo of downpour. Rain coming down in sheets.  Mother nature, beckoning in a new season with an opulent display of force, washing away the grey, dead grit of winter, making the world clean and new and smelling gloriously green. How can the world smell like a color? Smell green? Walk outside after a spring rain and...

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inslee sketches at nautica

inslee by design live illustration nautica NYC

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inslee by design NYC sweetgreen

  Can we talk about Sweetgreen? And the stylish lettuce mafia that bursts forth each day to wait in the chicest line in town for an order of Guacamole Greens?  I can mark the phases of my life like rings on a tree, or in this case, like fork marks on the bottom of a plastic-made-from-corn salad bowl, by my visits to Sweetgreen.  It has been a landmark in my existence since it's arrival in '07, arguably the year the world (or at least my friends) came back from studying abroad and discovered lettuce. I call this the years of salad-awakening. I...

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Bon Matin, Paris

Daphne NYC Paris

Have you been keeping up with @dressingdaphne's insta-jealousy inducing Paris antics? She just spent her birthday among the glittering French fashionites. New York may never sleep but Paris never ages, which is why Daphne always is sure to be in Paris each year on her birthday. She greets the day with reckless abandon, throwing open her shutters like Belle in Beauty and the Beast to shout Bonjour to all in sight.  Always a natural at making female friends, Daphne has conquered even the most resistant of all companionship challenges and has befriended three Parisian female standard poodles. The poodles is...

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February 2015: The Tea Cup Smuggler

2105 calendar February NYC

4:30 am. Every morning Elspeth walks the fifteen frigid blocks from her apartment to the Flower District to scout the best selection of flowers before sunrise. She loses herself amongst the cut amaryllis, Indian shell ginger in full bloom, frothy fields of maidenhead ferns, the riotous bursts of giant dahlias. These quiet, cold, predawn walks amongst delicate living things is a form of ritual for Elspeth. She loves the way she can feel the flowers souls vibrating like the chords of a violin, still alive with the energy drawn across their sinews by a bow.  She loves the way that...

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