Dream Dry

February 15, 2013 5 Comments

Introducing Dream Dry - the premier location for the ultimate blow out and the latest addition to the Rachel Zoe empire. This illustration is currently gracing their lovely new website landing page.

When the RZ team asked me to create this sketch I was so excited. I mean think about it. Here are three things I love - woman entrepreneurs (like Rachel), illustrating dramatically awesome hair, and supporting the act of paying money for fleeting beauty fixes (like having an expert blow air onto your head for $$$)

This project combines all three, they had me at hello.

Don't you love her expression? The face of a woman who knows she has really great hair. We went through lots of drafts to capture this face. And trust me this face is neither "vixen" nor "hard fashion girl" nor "fresh faced" this is a carefully crafted confident and radiantly beautiful face with just the right shade of RZ-worthy deep red lip. I enjoyed seeing how each revision brought the "right" girl into focus. It spoke volumes for Rachel's finely tuned eye for what looks just so.

Cheers to Dream Dry, go spend money on having momentarily beautiful hair, it's Friday!

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denim done right

March 23, 2010 2 Comments

Day after day, I don't unsubscribe from Rachel Zoe's daily newsletter. I don't know why as it almost always irritates me. The things she suggests are usually about $2,000 out of my price range and 2,000 notches past my comfort level. And then she throws in a "ps" which suggests a cheaper option that is generally a perfectly hideous version of her pick. Really, I'd rather not see the miserable substitute option at all, it is just depressing. But today I was thoroughly pleased with what the cat dragged in.... It was this Acne/Lanvin denim dress. That was actually classy despite being denim... and one shouldered. One shouldered anything is so divine. I would probably wear a one shouldered trash bag if you made this garment for me. I inspected the acne/lanvin website and discovered that there is a whole slew of lovely denim get ups available. None of them look trailer park ready which I found quite refreshing. Something about the way the fabric is handled without an extreme amount of visible seams. Also, I am in love with the tongue-in-cheek backdrop the models are photographed against. If you would like to buy a print of this illustration, click here!

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February 22, 2010 2 Comments

I just did this print for Fab'rik - a boutique in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was such a fun project for me because I got to come up with the idea for this all on my own. No offense to other more particular clients - I always appreciate specific detail when starting commissioned drawings - but I must say it was fun to let my imagination take the reins this time. My inspiration for the drawing came from this lace pencil skirt I noticed in the Elle where I found the amazing Stella dress. I thought it was such a nice combination of femininity and structure. And I am also very into anything with a waist band right now. So once I had decided to work from the skirt, the rest of the illustration just sort of blossomed upward without any other constraints. A sort of psychic automatism for fashion illustration if you will. (woohooo art history!!) This tactic always results in interesting and unexpected quirks for me, and now that I look more closely at this illustration, I am realizing that I may have accidentally done a portrait of Rachel Zoe. Look how angry she is! to buy a print of this illustration, please click here!

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