spring in the city with daphne

April 15, 2015 2 Comments

Hello! Spring has FINALLY sprung in Manhattan. Are there leaves on the trees? No. Is it warm enough to walk around without a coat? Not exactly. But, I didn't say spring has sprung in Acapulco? No, I said Manhattan. And I don't need a hat/earmuffs/gloves to go get a cup of coffee so we're all celebrating! 

Especially Daphne. She is loving tax day. She's not exactly sure what tax day is. But she's loving it all the same. She's pretty sure it's similar to Boxing Day, or maybe to Bastille Day. Both are occasions she celebrates with rosé and paté eaten en plein air.

"But wait..." you're thinking, "isn't boxing day in December? Rosé outside, Daphne? Really" 

Remember, Daphne probably IS in Acapulco on December 26th. 

Today she and Doxie are trotting out in a light and airy Maison Kitsune shirt dress and a Belgian Bag to see what there is to see. They've decided to spend the afternoon in Central Park. She's barefoot today because, why not, right? But usually, her favorite motto of spring shopping is to invest in a great pair of new nude shoes/nude bag. The Belgian bag is the perfect neutral. Compact and ladylike, goes with everything from white jeans to cocktail dresses. 

She's had a busy few weeks back in the city after her visit to Paris and her ashram (undisclosed location). Flitting from events to openings, seen several times in her new favorite nude heels from Alexandre Birman and an extra fluffy Prabal Gurung coat. She's just like the rest of us, if something fits just perfectly she wears it twice, or sometimes even a third time. This picture was snapped by paparazzi as she stepped into Gato on Lafayette where she's said to have ordered two gin martinis and an order of the harissa burrata with a friend. (Doxie joined and sipped ginger tea at their feet)

Another go-to look she's been rocking is the classic spring combination of a trench paired with white jeans and her OTHER new favorite shoes from Vince. She's thrilled circle sunglasses are back too. Of course, as far as she's concerned, they were never out. But The Row has done a fabulous job at celebrating them this season.

This is her outfit for stopping by to drop off last season's dresses for consignment - an activity the rest of us do about as regularly, and with as much joy, as going to the dry cleaners. It isn't fun, but it's the best way to care for beautiful things. By giving them to someone who can't buy them full price. Right? This trip she dropped off six pairs of Valentino Rock Stud heels and a Celine bag. She's feeling very put-off by brand names this week. Wants to only wear emerging designers with clean lines and no visible branding.

And when she's not bound by doing errands, which is most of the time, she's stepping out in her OTHER new favorite pair of nude shoes from Aquazzura. Ok so maybe you need a few pairs of new nudes for spring. Here she's spotted leaving her brownstone with Doxie in Cynthia Rowley. They're off to visit a farmers market. It's radish season! And she just brought back some authentic, eye-wateringly powerful French mustard to pair them with. 

"What's this!" you say, "Daphne cooks too!? This is all too much!"

Why yes. She grew up summering with Ina Garten herself at their compound in the Hamptons. She learned to cook along side her as the barefoot contessa whipped up roasted chickens with morels and lemon butter for Jeffrey on lazy Sunday afternoons. The smell of honeysuckle and hydrangeas at the open window mingling with the buttery roasting  aromas from the kitchen, set to the meditative sound of crickets chirping beyond the pool, and the sea crashing in the distance.

Ina once taught her that being close to the ocean awakens the culinary spirit within your heart because the salt calls to you on a primal level, stirring appetites that wax and wane with the tide, with the moon, with the season. Ina is said to listen to the rhythmic repeat of waves on the shore for several hours each day before baking her daily batch of perfect brownies for Jeffrey.

Daphne often does the same before preparing her signature truffled bolognese. She'll be sure to share the recipe for whatever she cooks with her farmers market finds.

You'll love it of course, but you probably won't cook it quite as perfectly as she does. 


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Escapist Sketching

March 25, 2014 13 Comments

Hello. According to iPhone weather, there is a 50% chance that it will be snowing by the time I leave the studio this evening. And there is a 100% chance that I'll be angry about it. I think it is safe to say that we've all had it with this winter.

Let's just escape. Mentally. On the wings of this sketch. To a place where everyone wears cat eye sunglasses all the time. Where palm trees dot every street and every meal is eaten outdoors and accompanied by rosé.

Can you see it? The turquoise water glistening on the horizon past that line of chic black and white umbrellas outside that cafe? Meditate on the pastel, floral appliquéd sundresses and wicker purses... white linen blazers...and d'orsay strappy sandals. We should set this to sound of music favorite things tune.

If we believe it hard enough, maybe it will bring on the spring. Keep tuning out your canada goose jacket staring at you from the corner of your office and quietly chanting to yourself about scalloped shorts. Let's turn this season around!

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Happy Spring

March 20, 2014 4 Comments

First day of spring has arrived! Time to go buy flowers and Instagram them!

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let's go to the bahamas

March 08, 2013 1 Comment

White and soft minty blues and greens for spring time at Leontine Linens. This would be the perfect sanctuary to curl up in with a good book on a day like today. NYC is experiencing a very strange snowstorm, it's the weather equivalent of a treadmill. It's been snowing and snowing like crazy all day and yet the ground is still black in most places.

Oh, and on the off chance you're in the Bahamas on Monday (why wouldn't you be? Let's all go!) you should go check out the Leontine Linens trunk show. Doesn't that sound like the best monday ever? Here's the invite I illustrated for the event.

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February 20, 2013 7 Comments


Spring is right around the corner... wait, let me slow down. I am really working on enjoying each day of my life and not living in the future. Literally, every morning I drink a glass of water and say to myself, I am going to fully enjoy this day.

You should try it. So zen.

But then I walk out the door and see a million different things and get inspired and start fastforwarding and before you know it, I'm planning out next October and a mental list of things I want to do to my future vacation home in Capri.

So, with that mentality, let's just call it March already.

And, in my book, spring starts in March regardless of what solstice we are in or what the calendar or outdoor temperature is trying to tell us. Mainly because my birthday is in March and I use it as the official jumping-off point for building a spring wardrobe via birthday presents.

I also see March as the first month when it's safe to start taking off a few layers. I always start with my feet. Sayonara boots. So long awkward socks under jeans leaving a mark on my calves. After a long cold winter of over the knee boots, stepping out in some cuffed skinny jeans and a pair of pumps baring just a few extra inches of skin feels pretty racy.

What's the first sign that it's spring for your wardrobe?

ps buy a print

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strawberry blonde

April 06, 2012 10 Comments

you know that feeling when you discover a $20 in the pocket of a coat? like you've just won the lotto? that is how i feel right now. i sketched this in august... AUGUST... and forgot to blog it! free blog post! i win! or did i blog it and i dont even remember? that is bound to happen at some point anyway, she looks kind of eastery right? happy weekend!

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full bloom

March 26, 2012 3 Comments

New York is in full bloom right now! I love the fact that I moved here in July after last years tree blossoming so I had no idea which trees would explode with color this spring. I was so surprised by all the trees I had not really even noticed before. They had just been waiting to come to life with beautiful blooms. Hows that for enjoying the little things, huh? And it was even lovelier at night - kind of like how snow looks eerily beautiful after sunset. The white blossoms that are all around my neighborhood look enchanting against a midnight blue sky. I love this time of year!

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