National Stationery Show Preparations

May 18, 2012 2 Comments

Hello! A quick snapshot of what today was like while I prepared for NSS and got booth 2169 all dressed up. More to follow tomorrow.

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bite sized calendar

May 16, 2012 5 Comments

I am doing double back flip handsprings of excitement over this new product - the petite calendar (well, I'm doing them in my imagination, actual back flips would definitely be a bad idea) This is a prototype using the 2012 calendar design, so this particular one isn't for sale. BUT... it's a little taste of what next year's petite calendar will look like. Its 4x5" and it fits in its own little case/stand. Isn't it sweet? I took it on a photoshoot field trip around the house. Here it is posing in my mother's library. Of course she has a swan letter opener and leopard print walls. and here it's posing with its larger cousin, the original 2012 calendar. and now its visiting the little topiary tree I got from Design Darling Oh I just love it. I hope you do too. The 2013 petite calendar premier edition will be available in August. Headed back to NYC tomorrow and I can't wait, stay tuned for more Stationery Show updates!

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May 11, 2012 3 Comments

It just dawned on me that I forgot to stick to my plan of monthly resolutions this month. Which leads me to my resolution to not make one. And yes, thats a sumi-ink lady above, with shades on, ready to throw resolutions to the wind and RELAX. A wise woman recently told me that I am constantly trying to push myself too much and that I should just relax. I found this astounding. Me, push myself? Really? But what about all the other young woman entrepreneurs who are doing it all, living the dream, tweeting the tweets? Surely everyone else is working harder than I am. Then I realized that everyone is their own harshest critic and I probably am not excluded from "everyone" and that in fact it may be time to give myself a break. Plus, the Stationery Show starts next weekend. There is no time for self improvement, I've got cards to sell! Happy weekend. If you are in DC you better come see me at Neimans!!

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