parachute skirt

June 22, 2012 4 Comments

a lime yellow parachute skirt i saw this morning floating down second ave. happy weekend!

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resolution to street sketch

June 04, 2012 6 Comments

So, it's June. And its time for a new resolution. This month, I'm going to resolve to post something on the blog every day. CRAZY, right? I'll never do it.... but I'm going to try. To make it easier to stick to it, I don't think I'll post fully finished sketches every day. Instead, I'm going to sketch someone I see on the street each day - quick and imperfect, just a feeling of a passerby. It's pouring rain in the city this morning, so I'm posting an outfit I remember from yesterday instead of going out in the deluge to find inspiration. I saw this outfit flit past me near Washington Square Park and thought it was lovely.

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On the street... Seventh Avenue, New York

November 11, 2011 8 Comments

A post in the style of the Sartorialist. I saw this girl on 7th ave the other day and thought her outfit was intriguing. The simple fact that she picked out and wore each of these things together and that she happened to walk past me and catch my eye is what makes the world go round for me. It's what I love about illustrating street style. My sketch gets to capture an outfit that will never happen again quite the same way anywhere else in the world. Its a moment in time that I get to keep simply because I noticed it. A beautiful thing, isn't it? ps. sorry for leaving out her other leg, you'll just have to imagine it

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Elizabeth Street

November 04, 2011 6 Comments

Hello, happy Friday! Yesterday someone told me I sketch the way Bill Cunningham photographs. And I think it might be the best compliment in the world. So I promptly went out into the streets to hunt for inspiration and found these two lingering on Elizabeth Street with their 1.5 pound dog and fabulous outerwear. I hear the phrase "you can only get ___ in NYC" all the time in reference to certain foods, certain shopping etc. BUT what no one tells you is that you can only find dogs THIS small here. I swear, I've never seen such a high concentration of miniscule dogs before anywhere else in the world. I think it must be a response to our tiny apartments. Once you realize you only need a 200 square foot living space, you realize one pound of dog is enough to warm your heart too.

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mad hatter

March 11, 2011 2 Comments

i loved this photo so much - it seemed like it was begging to be painted! isnt that hat delicious? if i had one hat only, i think that might be it. and with that dress its just good enough to eat. happy weekend! ps. buy a print!

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personal flair

March 10, 2011 6 Comments

Thanks to the recent fashion week season and resulting beautiful street style imagery that has just hit the bloggosphere, my desk top is cluttered to the brim with images I've saved haphazardly off of tumblr and twitter etc. Images that I've seen just at a glance and loved and saved in haste to rediscover later. This morning I opened them all up and found myself looking at a layered collage of little accessories and moments of women on the streets living their lives in beautiful detail. Almost none of the images I'd saved were from runway collections. And then it occurred to me that maybe what I love most about this industry isn't the far-out collections that strut at fashion week, but the way real women collect and combine elements of style to create individual stories about themselves. I guess you could say I'm an illustrator of the people (albeit ridiculously skinny, well heeled woman-people). But all the same its the personal details, not the conceptual runway shows that speak to me. These two illustrations are inspired by snapshots from streetstylings I found in the sea of jgs on my desktop. I've added a few imagined finishing touches too - because just as I love seeing how people create their unique ensembles, I love creating these particular little sketches in my own way. ps. these prints are for sale!

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garance moment

February 16, 2011 1 Comment

A street style moment I saw recently on Garance Dore's site. Loved the hat. I am beginning to realize that I really need a fur hat. My head is freezing all the time. But even more, I need the courage to strut around in a fur hat. As soon as I put on any type of hat I feel ridiculous. I feel like I've just put a live pelican on my head and desperately need to remove it. I've always been envious of people who can just wear hats nonchalantly like this girl is. She is owning all that fur and those stiletto ankle boots. So cool.

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