The Sketch Book — summer

summer attitude

Inslee summer The Sketch Book watercolor

It may not be the summer solstice yet, but the summer attitude has swept NYC in full force. Its time to sit beneath parasols and discerningly look down your nose at couples strolling down the sand. Oh how I love this season. ps this illustration was inspired by this image pps buy a print here

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hat season

derby hats Inslee Neiman Marcus summer The Sketch Book Tumblr

A new illustration for the Neiman Marcus tumblr to celebrate summer. I thought she was perfect inspiration for the upcoming derby weekend too with her big hat!

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girls of summer

Elle France Inslee By Design March 2011 summer the fashion magpie The Sketch Book

Ok, i know i know, by this point in the fashion year summer is so passe. Everyone is all hyped up about fall. Think you want to go buy a bikini for the 4th of July? Too bad. Here's a nice wool poncho and some over-the-knee boots. But today is a beautiful June Friday and I refuse to start thinking about fur hats. So instead here are two surfer-chic, beach-hair-sporting, exhibitionists from a shoot in Elle France which I discovered courtesy of the fashion magpie. And yep, you guessed it. The shoot was in the March 2011 issue. Now on...

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first day

Inslee By Design summer The Sketch Book

happy first day of summer! to celebrate this most carefree of seasons, i am trying out a new brush. its bigger so i have less control over the colors. i think i like the messiness it allows for.

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Summer Breeze

beach Inslee By Design summer The Sketch Book weekend

you know that perfect feeling of a breezy lightness that only happens the first beach visit of the year? before the sun has reached its summer scorching height yet and there is still cool air coming off the ocean? yes. that is what i am channeling right now as i sit in my landlocked row house in georgetown. that breezy - ideally early morning before its crowded - beach feeling. i know summer and yellow bathers and the beach are still a few weeks away but i'm getting excited already! i hope you all have a breezy lovely weekend. Ps....

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