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It's August!

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Happy August! Have you ridden your elephant today? Just remember, not all those who wander are lost. They may just be fulfilling their lifelong dream of traveling to Thailand and riding an elephant. When I painted this fearless traveler I was in the throes of helping a friend plan her honeymoon to do this very thing. Don't you like how I say that as if I played a bigger role in this than her now-husband? (I didn't) But at the time I felt as though I was taking this trip right along with her, I was so emotionally invested in...

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An Impossible Story, The End

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  In the end, the steroids in my spine took action, giving me a new lease on life and the spinal agility of a girl of 25 again.Our move went off without a hitch. By the end of moving day, no one was bleeding or injured (further) and all our things had been tucked away into our new place. My favorite Le Labo candle was filling the living room with notes of pastis and summer in Marseille. Life was good.My fiancé was deep asleep, precariously teetering between a chair and an ottoman since we still had no couch. I was pleased...

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An Impossible Story, Chapter 6

The Sketch Book

Before I go any farther, I must pause to say that I realize how very lucky I am to call this story an impossible one. I know that truly impossible situations exist all around us, far worse than mine. And so, with this in mind, I come to you to ask you to read another chapter. Come suspend your awareness of Real Struggle a bit longer, and indulge me by granting me your most heartfelt commiseration as I tell you what happened next.I’ve been paralyzed about writing this chapter. The others poured out of me, but this one is harder...

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An Impossible Story, Chapter 5

impossible story Inslee By Design nolita The Sketch Book

Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home... as long as home happens to be in Nolita.So. When I left you, things were looking up. We were walking on the sunny side of the street. The bedbugs were gone. The wedding gown was fitted. The apartment was cleaner than the surface of the sun. All was calm on the western front. Or so it seemed.Turns out, there was a problem. Can you guess?Yes, it is couch related. Or lack-of-couch related to be more accurate. Yes, we’d thrown out the love seat. But you see, we’d won the battle,...

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An Impossible Story, Chapter 4

impossible story Inslee By Design The Sketch Book

Chapter 4 is brought to you by the month of July. Don't forget there's still time to get the 2014 calendar and enjoy it for half the year at half the price!As you will recall, from Chapter 3, The Packtite was locked inside and I was locked outside of my apartment.It was 2 pm, my fiancé wasn’t due home from his office in New Jersey for another five hours and even if he left right now, he wouldn't make it back in less than an hour. And even if I wanted to reach him, how could I? My phone was locked...

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