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73SPRINGSHOP - The Greatest Shopping Experience You Will Ever Have

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I am back to round out the rest of your December schedule with more events focused on ME. I assume you've already planned your outfit for my Dempsey & Carroll 2015 Calendar event on December 2nd, which is great. I applaud you for being so organized.  Now, let me be straight with you. The Dempsey & Carroll event is going to be a rager. A 5:30 pm Tuesday night paper-themed cocktail party always leads to a wild time with stories you can only allude to the next day at work without being judged heavily.  Seriously. I'm not going to sugar coat...

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much like my would-be time in a marathon, this post is a little late

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 I realize the NYC marathon is old news now. It's practically too late to post about Thanksgiving. I should be preparing my top 10 favorite spring trends.But, better late than never! This perky little lady was commissioned by the fabulous and famous-getting-famouser designer, Katie Schloss of Three Jane NYC. Katie's map necklaces are popping up all over the place on celebrity necks. I'm so honored to be her official illustrator! She asked me to create a "map girl" to represent how this necklace would be a great gift for a marathon runner. What a perfect way to keep that special city...

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Three Jane's Nine Girls with Map Necklaces

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Meet the Map Necklace girls!Katie of Three Jane commissioned me to create a girl for each occasion you might want one of her famous Map Necklaces for. Well, there are certainly even more occasions than these nine. But these are representations of her clients' favorite occasions to commemorate with a necklace. Which one are you?!What's that?Never heard of the Map Necklace? Where have you been! It's been getting fabulous press this holiday season, including a feature in Martha Stewart Weddings and The Cut gift guide.Choose a location that means a lot to you, like where you went to school or had your wedding and...

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