The Sketch Book — watercolor


ankles fashion illustration Inslee By Design Inslee Haynes spring The Sketch Book watercolor

 Spring is right around the corner... wait, let me slow down. I am really working on enjoying each day of my life and not living in the future. Literally, every morning I drink a glass of water and say to myself, I am going to fully enjoy this day.You should try it. So zen.But then I walk out the door and see a million different things and get inspired and start fastforwarding and before you know it, I'm planning out next October and a mental list of things I want to do to my future vacation home in Capri.So, with...

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christmas in washington

Christmas christmas card Inslee By Design Inslee Haynes O'Reagan Family The Sketch Book washington watercolor

 Hello! Here is an illustration of the ever so handsome O'Reagan family, designed for their Christmas card.Man in uniform, a beautiful wife and adorable puppies - how could I say no to this project? The picture they sent me of their cavalier king charles to work from actually showed her wearing a sweater and drinking a Starbucks iced coffee.I mean... I almost printed it out and framed it.Anyway, this is just one of the many holiday projects that have been keeping me busy this season. I am starting to feel like an Elf! I wonder how the elves find time...

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November at Layla Grayce

christmas parties fashion illustration Inslee By Design Inslee Haynes layla grayce The Sketch Book watercolor

Here is my newest illustration for the Layla Grayce blog "The Back Room"This month I'm thinking about party dresses because everyone and their brother is having a holiday party. Visit the blog to read about my inspiration behind the post!

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September at Layla Grayce

home design interior layla grayce new studio News and Events september inspiration watercolor

An illustration for the Layla Grayce Backroom Blog for September. Go check it out and read about my inspiration!

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The Style Things are here

blog header Inslee lauren finney The Sketch Book watercolor where the style things are

Good morning! Here is a new blog header I designed for Lauren of Where The Style Things Are Isn't she cute? So is her blog, go check it out! Lauren is one of my East Village neighbors and the very first person to reach out to me from the fashion blogging community when I moved to NYC. (Thanks for making me feel so welcome Lauren!) I can't believe its been a year now since we first met for drinks, time has flown by.

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