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sketches from last night

chelsea market coye nokes fashion illustration Inslee By Design live illustration News and Events NYC Shoes w&l watercolor

A few sketches from illustrating for Coye Nokes last night. We met at Coye's bright and airy studio above Chelsea Market for prosecco and shoe sampling. Her friends each got to choose a pair of shoes from her new collection to be sketched in. Fun, right? Coye's new spring '13 collection of shoes is beautiful, lots of feminine heels in bright corals and turquoise. These striped ones above were a personal favorite of mine too. You'll notice I posed all the girls the same way, that definitely helped me speed along! I've started getting lots of requests for live illustration...

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fashion illustration Inslee The Sketch Book watercolor

 A breezy summer sketch on this Friday afternoon. I can't get past the fact that her hair is blowing one way and her skirt the other way. Breezin all over the place. It just doesn't make sense!She got cut from the 2013 Calendar because of this conflicting cross wind situation.Oh well, I hope she brightens your afternoon. I was feeling so disheartened by this horrible movie theater massacre today and I wasn't quite sure what the official Inslee By Design statement was - I'm not good at "my heart goes out" tweets - but I figured I could share some artwork and...

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flowers hydrangeas Inslee summer The Sketch Book watercolor

My favorite summer flower. Which is yours? I got carried away playing with hydrangeas yesterday afternoon, I think I want to quit my job and start making wallpaper... Hmm... maybe someday. But for now, I can give you a print!

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Summer Stella

beach dear stella design Inslee News and Events summer watercolor

An illustration I created for Dear Stella Designs to celebrate their new summer patterns part of the "It's a Shore Thing" collection.Have a happy weekend, hopefully living out this illustration somewhere beachy!

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parachute skirt

fashion illustration illustration Inslee parachute skirt Street Style The Sketch Book watercolor

a lime yellow parachute skirt i saw this morning floating down second ave. happy weekend!

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