The Sketch Book — watercolor

the inslee crest

crest custom heraldry happy menocal Inslee Inslee By Design The Sketch Book watercolor

Are you a fan of Happy Menocal? I am in awe of how irreverent and well... happy these watercolors are. Especially the "custom heraldry" I was so inspired, I decided to create my own little crest. All four of my initials (aren't I lucky to have both an I and an H? So symmetrical!) plus croissants because nothing says inslee like a croissant and some vaguely ranunculus like flowers to top it all off. What do you think?

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zou bisou

Inslee By Design Mad Men The Sketch Book watercolor zou bisou bisou

Did you watch Mad Men on Sunday? I was worried that my favorite show was going to be rusty from its long absence but knew it was back in full force when Megan started belting out Zou Bisou Bisou. It hit just the right note between provocative and awkward to confirm for me that Mad Men is back in all its weird glory. I'm glad that she, like Betty and all the others before her, misunderstands the mysteries of Don's illusive happiness. Is there any better television than watching a displeased, aloof Don push away beautiful women? Can't wait for...

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Elaine + Dylan

Inslee portrait illustration The Sketch Book watercolor

Meet Elaine and Dylan. Aren't they the cutest duo? Elaine blogs about her love of fashion and the funny adventures of raising Dylan and she asked me to capture these two facets of her life in an illustration. Be sure to visit Elaine's blog - I particularly love the Dylan related posts. He's such a character. Happy Weekend!

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uniform change

illustration Inslee Inslee By Design spring The Sketch Book trench coat watercolor

spring time means the return of my favorite uniform piece, the trench. why is the spring trench so delightful? because it is usually not black. for the past few months my uniform has been over the knee boots, puff coat, sweaters, skinny jeans - all of which are worn in some shade of grey or black. time to dress up? how about a nice grey dress and... you guessed it, black tights and black pumps. things have gotten very dark around here. i know all the blogs toast the delights of wearing neons year round and go into detail about...

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meet lauren

blog illustration Inslee lauren m hughes The Sketch Book uga watercolor

Meet Lauren! That's Lauren M. Hughes to be exact. She's a writer, blogger and now a proud owner of a freshly water colored "from the desk of" portrait courtesy of moi. The artwork is now displayed on her blog header so go take a look! Lauren and I worked together to create an illustration that captures her in the details - from the little bulldog (shes a UGA grad) to her favorite books stacked on the desk. And if you check out her blog - a thoughtful collection of essays - you'll see just how beautifully she writes about the...

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