Update from the front lines of wedding shoe shopping

April 03, 2014 4 Comments

I come to you with a report from the front lines of the war against 5 inch heeled wedding shoes. I stand before you victorious. I know you all have been on pins and needles, waiting for this report. But, before I unveil the shoes, I must first give you the casualty report. No battle is without it's losses.

So, you know how every wedding album has that shot, that iconic shot of the shoes? Well - if you're like me, when you see that shot, your first reaction is Wow! what a pretty picture of shoes! I can't wait to have my wedding shoes photographed and then prominently featured on wedding blogs the world over!

Well... my search for the shoes has resulted in a cruel lesson in karma! Like I said, with any battle, there will be casualties...

I finally found a shoe that could carry me down the aisle to my beloved. I was standing there, in Saks, admiring my feet and considering instagraming them when I noticed that the right shoe was a little loose.

Here! exclaimed the overzealous salesman helping me, I can fix that!

You can? I asked absent mindedly while opening the instagram app. I slipped off the right shoe and handed it to him... glancing up only at the last second as he was affixing a large, orthopedic looking insert to the inside of the shoe.

See! Now it is perfect! It will never slip or come out! he said, returning it to me proudly

WHAT IS THAT? I asked in horror, What do you MEAN it will NEVER come out?

It is permanent! Now you MUST pay for them! He explained gleefully, realizing he had just killed two birds with one stone - both forcing the sale and making the shoe fit my right foot better. And as I handed over my card, I accepted with the feeling of a deflated balloon that my shoe would never be photo material now with a giant dr. scholl's insert stuck in it.

I know, I know, I know. First world problem. Greenland is melting, time to get over the shoe picture. But isn't that just the way the world works? I write a blog post about searching for the perfect shoes and now they can't even be photographed properly. Oh well, these little traumas only serve to remind me that the real reason I was on the hunt for these shoes was because I am lucky enough to have found someone to eternally love... not because this is my one shot at getting a spread in Town & Country brides.

So... without further, elaborate, drawn out storytelling. I present to you the bridal trifecta. It takes a village to cobble a bride, or at least this bride. I required not one but three pairs of shoes to hit everything on my exhaustive checklist.




Shoe one, the Jimmy Choo Straits in a light gold snake stamped heel meets my D'Orsay needs. At 3.5" heel height it is just the thing to pair with my wedding gown. (and with every black tie dress I'll ever wear again)

Shoe two, the Louboutin Pigalle 85mm is actually the shoe I based my crazy ranting blog post on. Exactly a perfect heel, dropping in a dramatic line from the farthest back tip of the heel, in a glowingly warm nude patent leather will be the perfect shoe for the rehearsal dinner. (and for any cocktail occasion ever again)

And Shoe three - The J Crew Audrey pumps in in lavender floral fills my need for some floral, botanical, organic life breathed into the fabric. How cute are these for the bridesmaid lunch? (and with white jeans on the honeymoon!?)

And there you have it, I've found three pairs of 3" heeled shoes, each celebrating one of my favorite shoe qualities, each ready and waiting in my closet to help me celebrate this special occasion. Thank you all for your very enthusiastic support through this search! I hope you like my trifecta!

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wedding shoes

February 26, 2014 39 Comments

introducing the SS 2014 Inslee 85mm collection. sold exclusively NO. WHERE. I am at my wits end.

If you were to track my browser history over the last month it would be a constant shifting cycle between evening wear and pumps on shop bop, barneys, saks, neimans, bergdorfs and the occasional visit to seamless web so that i don't expire while hunting for wedding shoes.

This is the hardest part of wedding planning yet! The shoes!!!!!! Oh the shoes. I have a very rigid set of requirements that most brides do not adhere to, so I recognized that I have made this a lot harder than it needs to be. Here are my requirements in no specific order:

1. must be 85mm or three inches exactly. any lower feels frumpy, any higher and I'll be uncomfortable

2. must have toe cleavage and a pointed toe.

3. the sole must lie flat against the floor when standing. I hate it when the sole lifts up in the front slightly and doesn't lie flush with the ground.

4. must not be slingback, sandals, strappy, have ties

5. could possibly be d'orsay

6. must not be covered in sparkles, glitter or snake skin

7. must not have red soles

8. must not be patent leather, suede or matte leather

9. could possibly have metallic patterning or embroidery or patterned silk

10. the stiletto must be thin and uniform in shape all the way down, and drop directly down from the farthest back most part of the heel, I can't stand it when the heel bows in and under the heel or worse yet - the new trend bows backwards. shudder.

11. must basically be these shoes, without the red sole and with a pattern that i have come up with on them.

12. does not exist and cannot be made before May 17th. Ideally the pattern from my botanicals. I will not be satisfied until everything on earth is patterned in my botanicals... I want to genetically manufacture a dog that is patterned in botanicals

Sigh... friends what should I do? Shoe designers do not like making 3 inch heels. Why is that? Four inch heels are such a struggle. 2.5 inch heels are such a let down. Where are the 3 inch wedding heels in beautiful brushed silk? If someone finds a way to locate THE shoes or wants to fund my new shoe company please be in touch. I must arrive on March 12th at my dress fitting with THE shoes. The time is now, we must hunt!

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