Candice and Hank

October 14, 2013 3 Comments


Happy Wedding Day to Candice and Hank!

This handsome couple is celebrating their wedding today at the Oheka Castle, here in New York. Here's the illustration I created for their Save The Date...

  They couldn't have a more beautiful day for a celebration. The sun is shining and fall is in the height of it's glory. Congratulations you two!

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bring on the bridesmaids

September 16, 2013 6 Comments

Another batch of bridesmaids! I wasn't kidding when I said I'd been busy with bridal commissions this season...

Congratulations to Jane Andrews, the lovely bride who commissioned these gifts for her maids, on a beautiful wedding this past weekend!

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wedding dress shopping

August 17, 2013 11 Comments

disclaimer: this is most definitely not a sketch of my wedding dress so don't get too excited!

So... I've been trying on wedding gowns since April, stalking wedding gown designers websites since I learned how to work the internet, and thinking about wedding gowns since my birth in 1986, so this is a very big announcement for me to make:

Yesterday, at approximately 11 am, August 16th, a sunny Friday afternoon in Flatiron, the quest finally ended in victory. I found my dress!

A day that shall live on forever in elation! I think I will mark this anniversary as heavily as my birthday or Christmas. It was a big deal.

My friends and family can attest to this - I change clothes at least 5 times every time I do anything. Getting dressed is a big decision every day of the year. My process involves multiple, quickly evolving wardrobe switches, usually ending just moments before I am finally dragged out the door to the event (that I am now late to).

So, it only was fitting that in order for me to find my wedding gown - arguably the most important sartorial decision of my life - I needed to try on roughly 400 times the number of outfits I try on for a regular event.

I sound awful, don't I?

But it is the truth, finding a wedding dress was my personal quest for the holy grail. I must have tried on close to 100 dresses. I'm not kidding. It is kind of embarrassing. But like I said, I do not take getting dressed lightly.

But boy was it worth it! The moment that final dress zipped up and I saw my reflection and knew I was done, the universe shifted slightly on it's axis, the grinch's heart grew 5 more sizes and I'm fairly certain we got a step closer to world peace. A woman walked passed the bridal department and remarked that she'd never seen a bride jumping up and down in her wedding dress, in unison with her mother before. It's a pity we don't have a video of that...

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Erika's Girls

July 18, 2013 6 Comments

Meet Erika's bridesmaids, I sketched each of these lovely ladies for her to give them to thank them for being a part of her wedding. Aren't they fabulous, each with very unique style and personality?

Erika was such a fun bride. She made a pinterest board for me to showcase each girl's sense of style and matched it with "dream outfits" to sketch them in. It was like playing dress up. We even turned each sketch into stationery...


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the black swan anniversary

May 17, 2013 6 Comments

have I really never posted this sketch??? I painted this two years ago, how did I forget to share it!? It's a look from the Oscar de la Renta runway archives that are always strutting through my imagination.

I thought it was kind of perfect to post seeing as it's a sultry black gown and exactly one year from today I'll be dressed in the opposite - my wedding gown. Yes, today is my negative one year anniversary! It is the black swan sister of the whitest day of my life.

How should I celebrate this occasion? I'm taking suggestions... Champagne? skydiving? yoga challenges?

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May Day

May 01, 2013 4 Comments


Happy May 1st! I celebrated this morning by waking up at the crack of dawn to take part in a NYC ritual bonding experience lovingly known as SOUL.

Yes, I went to soul cycle. I paid almost $200 for a five class membership, spent 2 days on a waitlist to get on a bike for this morning's class and laid out my soul outfit last night like a school kid....

And now I understand what everyone has this fiendish glint in their eye about - it really is addictive. It is SO clean, SO happy, SO LOUD. When you're in that little cave of insane pedaling you no longer know that it's seven am and that you have to pay your rent today, you are on an endorphin super highway of cultish exuberance.

At one point Beyonce was sing-screaming at me that I was a sweet dream/a beautiful nightmare and the instructor was simultaneously yelling at us "YOU ARE HEALTHY YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!"

I mean... they had me at hello.

So here's to a wildly enthusiastic May, get excited for Spring! I think the May girl is particularly appropriate as she looks kind of bridal. May is going to be the wedding month next year so I think it worked out rather well.

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love tree

April 29, 2013 7 Comments


Behold the love tree - an ancient oak that is as symbolically strong and ancient as true love... sigh

I sketched it for the invite design for some of the events of the wedding I attended over the weekend. The tree design idea is based on the setting of the wedding - Kiawah Island - which is full of the most beautiful trees and moss. Celebrating my friends' marriages is always one of my favorite things to look forward to, and getting to help in my own little way by contributing artwork makes it even more special.

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