The Sketch Book — weekend

Good Lid

furry coat Inslee Inslee By Design Inslee Haynes lid luella & june NYC The Sketch Book weekend

Still freezing here in NYC. Wouldn't a gray furry coat and pink hat be a cute way to ward off the arctic temperatures this weekend? I got inspired by this image while reading all my favorite blogs' weekend-themed posts.Also, that is my standard walking procedure for sub twenties temperatures. Head down, power walk. Get out of my way, I am taking no buy a print!   

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weekend wear

beach Inslee summer The Sketch Book watercolor weekend

just picked up a new beach cover up, its time for the weekend!

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Summer Breeze

beach Inslee By Design summer The Sketch Book weekend

you know that perfect feeling of a breezy lightness that only happens the first beach visit of the year? before the sun has reached its summer scorching height yet and there is still cool air coming off the ocean? yes. that is what i am channeling right now as i sit in my landlocked row house in georgetown. that breezy - ideally early morning before its crowded - beach feeling. i know summer and yellow bathers and the beach are still a few weeks away but i'm getting excited already! i hope you all have a breezy lovely weekend. Ps....

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olivia tibi friday

olivia palermo spring/summer 2011 The Sketch Book tibi weekend

i'm going to a double header birthday party night for two amazingly fierce individuals tonight. i wish i had this tibi dress to wear, it would be perfect. have a romantic weekend!

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weekend getaway

prada The Sketch Book weekend

Hello! Happy Friday! No I'm not scampering off to some place sunny and warm like this post title may suggest... but if I were I would want to be wearing this. Does annnyyyyyonneee know where this dress came from? Its in the January Vogue, I snapped a picture of it on the sly last night while waiting for my nails to dry (I had to be sneaky because Vickie, nail technician extraordinaire was watching me with hawk eyes to make sure I didnt touch my phone and ruin all her hard work) I knew I wanted to sketch it and...

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