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California trumps blogging and makes me question my identity

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Wow, sorry to have left you hanging all week on that Mother's Day sketch. How boring! On some level, I truly believe that updating this blog is a vital ingredient in keeping the progress of the universe on track. So sorry for dropping the ball that is Earth.Where was I while you were forlornly refreshing my blog only to find the same sketch day after day? I imagine you all sit in front of your computers with just enough food to survive, waiting for new artwork...Well, I was in Napa, having a ball drinking fancy wine and going to hip concerts...

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End of the world: going out on a champagne and chicken high

champagne Christmas end of the world fried chicken Inslee By Design Inslee Haynes Manhattan Wine Company mayan calander MWC The Cardinal The Sketch Book wine

Happy Mayan-Calendar-End Eve! I'm doing my best to spend all the money in my bank account today before the end of the world. Why leave anything left un-purchased? This is it! Besides, Christmas is coming and on the off chance that the world doesn't end tomorrow I'd like to be prepared with great presents.You know what else I'm doing to prepare for the apocalypse? Eating as much fried chicken and drinking as much champagne as is socially appropriate for someone preparing to meet the great beyond tonight with Manhattan Wine Company at their 1st annual Champagne/Fried Chicken dinner.Yes, MWC - a wine...

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Maison Ilan - Le Chambertin 2010

burgundy french Inslee le chambertin maison ilan News and Events vineyard watercolor wine

This is something new and different and totally exciting for me to share with you all.Behold my very first wine label design.From my embarrassingly limited understanding of the world of wine, this label will grace bottles of Maison Ilan's newest vintage of Le Chambertin... which is a Grand Cru from one of the oldest vineyards in one of the oldest wine regions in the world. Burgundy ... which is a Big. Deal.Not to bad for my first label eh? Everyone who has asked me about this project has asked "oh is it a west coast producer?" and I've relished getting to...

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