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August 10, 2012 16 Comments

July resolution accomplished. It's time to pack up my brushes and paints and move out of my work-at-home slump. (And much faster than I ever dreamed possible) I'll be moving Inslee By Design central out of my living room this month and into to a bright and airy little spot on Chrystie Street in Soho.

I'll have pictures to share with you all very soon.

Happy weekend!

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the roxy

August 08, 2012 2 Comments


Last night I had a much needed meeting of the minds with fellow independent creatives Roxy Owens of Society Social, Loren Barham of Loren Hope and Mackenzie Horan of Design Darling.

Each one of these women is doing something something uniquely beautiful - and lucky for me - they understand the ups and downs of building your own job from scratch. We got to talking about the little things that drive us crazy, our hopes for expanding our brands, our dreams of sun-filled studios and how finding time for blogging regularly is harder than it sounds.

For example, I had the bright idea while chatting with these inspiring women that I'd sketch them for the blog today. But, just like what we were commiserating about, there isn't time to do it today. Commissions are piling up as I type!

I had to scale back my blogging ambitions and instead illustrate something a little smaller. So here is one of Loren's designs, the Roxy. Isn't it cool? And yes it's named after Roxy herself and she was wearing it too.

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shoe resolution

August 03, 2012 12 Comments


Month of August resolution: find a pair of shoes that I don't hate. Running shoes that is. And then run around in them. A lot. I'm convinced that finding the right shoes in the right color is the only thing standing between me and Olympic greatness. Perhaps by the end of this month I will break through my own personal exercise glass ceiling and run four whole miles consecutively. Like I said, I am this close to being an Olympian.

I thought about illustrating some sneaks and started poking around pinterest for some to sketch and/or buy, but then saw these Manolos and well... obviously this took priority.

What shoes do you all wear to work out? I know you guys are also equally close to qualifying for the 2016 games and I want to know your secrets.

Buy this print!

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Happy August

August 01, 2012 3 Comments

Time for a new calendar page! Happy August!

And even more exciting - time for a NEW CALENDAR!!!  (poor August, she is always getting overshadowed by the release of the new version of the calendar) Thank you to everyone who has already ordered. You are keeping me busy busy busy!

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book signing at W atlanta - buckhead

July 30, 2012 3 Comments

Today I'll be hanging out with Emily Giffin at Urban Chic in DC, you may remember this illustration that I did for the invitation. But I wanted to share another EG related illustration too. This was for Emily's book party in Atlanta over the weekend at the W hotel, where guests met the author around the hotel's beautiful pool.

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Maison Ilan - Le Chambertin 2010

July 26, 2012 13 Comments

This is something new and different and totally exciting for me to share with you all.

Behold my very first wine label design.

From my embarrassingly limited understanding of the world of wine, this label will grace bottles of Maison Ilan's newest vintage of Le Chambertin... which is a Grand Cru from one of the oldest vineyards in one of the oldest wine regions in the world. Burgundy ... which is a Big. Deal.

Not to bad for my first label eh? Everyone who has asked me about this project has asked "oh is it a west coast producer?" and I've relished getting to haughtily inform them that my label is for a French wine.

Really, becoming a wine snob is not hard to do.

The project began with this loose watercolor...

and through the vision of Ray Walker, the man behind the wine, it evolved and became a refined portrait of the vineyard... Next we carefully chose fonts - which I then recreated by hand - confirming yet again that I do not have attention deficit disorder.

Yes, this took a while, to put it mildly. But I couldn't be prouder of how it turned out, or more relieved to know if this whole illustration thing falls through I may have a future as calligrapher.

The finishing flourish was the vine border, which you will notice combines both grapes and roses. This particular vineyard has rose bushes near the rows of vines...

I could go on and on about this and tell you the significance of every line of text, but I'll stop. I may be a wine snob now, but I know when to stop flexing my new found knowledge and get back to what you really want...

So, I'll be back soon with girls and dresses!

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sketches from last night

July 25, 2012 4 Comments

A few sketches from illustrating for Coye Nokes last night. We met at Coye's bright and airy studio above Chelsea Market for prosecco and shoe sampling. Her friends each got to choose a pair of shoes from her new collection to be sketched in. Fun, right? Coye's new spring '13 collection of shoes is beautiful, lots of feminine heels in bright corals and turquoise. These striped ones above were a personal favorite of mine too. You'll notice I posed all the girls the same way, that definitely helped me speed along! I've started getting lots of requests for live illustration events lately and questions about how fast I can whip up one of my girls. And of course friends and family have been asking me for years "how long it takes"... after last night I now finally know, if I have to I can draw one of these girls in about 10 minutes. Did I mention that Coye and I are both W&L graduates? It was cool to meet another female entrepreneur alum and watch her in action with her friends and coworkers celebrating her beautiful collection. Oh and her lovely interns are current W&L students! Generals love! I felt so proud to be part of this smart, creative group of women last night.

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