coffee shop

June 15, 2012 8 Comments

spotted in the coffee shop this morning. loved her big glasses and long dress. happy weekend!

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tweeting cusp

June 14, 2012 3 Comments

Do you follow Cusp (@cuspbynm) on twitter? You should! I just created their new twitter icon. Isn't she cute in her DVF dress and Alexander Wang clutch?

I'll be in Georgetown this weekend and may just have to swing by Cusp and spend the check they sent me for this illustration. I swear, I should have been an exotic bird illustrator or something. Then maybe I'd be able to keep a pay check. Every time I illustrate for a fashion company I end up on their website, or in their store, and what do you think happens next? New shoes. Vicious cycle.

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ballerina grad gifts

June 13, 2012 11 Comments

Hello! Today I want to show you all a commission project. These are the four senior ballerinas graduating this spring from the Dance Academy of Loudoun (in my home town). I worked with their moms to create a painting of each girl as a farewell/graduation gift. Here is Melissa... and Ann.... Cassidy... And Jane... And as a special surprise for their favorite teacher, Ariana - a painting of her expecting her new baby boy!

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Sweets for the Sweet + Merci

June 12, 2012 3 Comments

two new cards are available today! Introducing a new folded invitation today - Sweets for the Sweet! And re-introducing Merci as a folded card this season!

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weekend wear

June 08, 2012 3 Comments

just picked up a new beach cover up, its time for the weekend!

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NYC morning

June 07, 2012 5 Comments

It's a perfect morning in NYC today. Cool on the shady side of the street and warm on the sunny side and not a cloud in the sky. Everyone is eating croissants, walking their tiny dogs and wearing their "its almost the weekend" best.

Saw this cropped trench, LWD and big shades and loved it. Its perfect LWD weather but it will probably pour rain in about five hours so the trench was genius. She had on different shoes though. I almost stopped her and told her to go buy these Dolce Vita summer staple sandals because they were the only thing stopping her from having the perfect Thursday morning outfit.

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pink chair

June 06, 2012 1 Comment

So, when I'm out and about creepily noticing peoples outfits, I tend to end up in home design stores no matter where I was actually trying to go. John Derain Company is especially dangerous as it is on my normal route to go to yoga. I go there at least once a week to contemplate the 75 dollar candles and to visit this pink chair. The one above isn't exactly like the one at the store, but its the same idea. I love this chair so much but sadly when you live with a boy in an apartment the size of most peoples closets, you cant just bring home a pink chair and expect him to embrace having it in the one room that is big enough to actually hold chairs. Thus our chairs are very gender neutral. (Well, I did sneak in one ikat chair... shhhh!)

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