resolution to street sketch

June 04, 2012 6 Comments

So, it's June. And its time for a new resolution. This month, I'm going to resolve to post something on the blog every day. CRAZY, right? I'll never do it.... but I'm going to try. To make it easier to stick to it, I don't think I'll post fully finished sketches every day. Instead, I'm going to sketch someone I see on the street each day - quick and imperfect, just a feeling of a passerby. It's pouring rain in the city this morning, so I'm posting an outfit I remember from yesterday instead of going out in the deluge to find inspiration. I saw this outfit flit past me near Washington Square Park and thought it was lovely.

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June 01, 2012 5 Comments

June has arrived, bird legs and all! Time to change your calendars!

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summer attitude

May 31, 2012 3 Comments

It may not be the summer solstice yet, but the summer attitude has swept NYC in full force. Its time to sit beneath parasols and discerningly look down your nose at couples strolling down the sand. Oh how I love this season. ps this illustration was inspired by this image pps buy a print here

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LWD revisited

May 25, 2012 10 Comments

i think it was about this time last year that i sketched the little white dress that everyone loved so much. so I thought it was time for the 2012 edition. isn't it funny how much changes in a year? last year i packed away all my closed-toe pointy pumps for the season around memorial day, but this year i want to wear them straight through summer. particularly in mint green. and i used to loath tapered hem lines and any kind of sheer fabric. but i'm starting to want a dress like this. if i can only find it. i swear, if i have one more empty handed shopping trip i'm going to start designing clothes. where do you all buy long dresses? hope everyone has fun plans ahead for the long weekend. i'll be packing up my new summer weekend bag (illustrated above) with a bikini, ten bottles of SPF 100 and heading straight to the beach. ps. buy a print!

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NSS 2012

May 24, 2012 4 Comments

hello! here is a picture of final product - national stationery show booth 2169. this is where I've spent the week, meeting and greeting and getting inspired by all the amazing talent on display around me. thanks to everyone who came by to see me! i'll be back soon with new illustrations to share with you all!

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National Stationery Show Preparations

May 18, 2012 2 Comments

Hello! A quick snapshot of what today was like while I prepared for NSS and got booth 2169 all dressed up. More to follow tomorrow.

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bite sized calendar

May 16, 2012 5 Comments

I am doing double back flip handsprings of excitement over this new product - the petite calendar (well, I'm doing them in my imagination, actual back flips would definitely be a bad idea) This is a prototype using the 2012 calendar design, so this particular one isn't for sale. BUT... it's a little taste of what next year's petite calendar will look like. Its 4x5" and it fits in its own little case/stand. Isn't it sweet? I took it on a photoshoot field trip around the house. Here it is posing in my mother's library. Of course she has a swan letter opener and leopard print walls. and here it's posing with its larger cousin, the original 2012 calendar. and now its visiting the little topiary tree I got from Design Darling Oh I just love it. I hope you do too. The 2013 petite calendar premier edition will be available in August. Headed back to NYC tomorrow and I can't wait, stay tuned for more Stationery Show updates!

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