happy may

May 01, 2012 5 Comments

Time to change the calendar again! Does anyone know the designer of this gorgeous gown? I had the website saved forever and of course lost it just in time for me to post this. typical. This dress is designed by the talented, Joe Challita!

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inslee + jacques levine + neimans

April 27, 2012 9 Comments

Stop the presses, big news. Mother's Day is May 13th. And Inslee live-illustrating-at-Neimans Day is May 12th!!! Yes, it is true. For the first time, as a professional artiste, I will lift the veil of mystery and illustrate in public for all to see. On May 12th, I'll be at the DC Neiman Marcus helping Jacques Levine celebrate Mother's Day with a shopping/painting event! If you're in the DC area please come say hello, pick up the newest Jacques Levine styles, and let me sketch you. Doesn't that sound like the best Saturday ever? Say you'll come! To RSVP, email info@jacqueslevine.com

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April 26, 2012 6 Comments

Meet Daniela! This is an example of the wonderful world of custom portraits that could be yours if you chose to commission me. Daniela worked with me on every aspect of this painting to make it reflect the details of her life. For example, she spends her summers in Italy, so we posed her riding a vespa. She interned at Fendi, so we chose to make it not only a vespa but a Fendi vespa. She also worked for The Row, so shes toting this $34,000 dollar backpack (another glowing example of my illustrative ability to give you things you might not own in real life) and those Brian Atwood Liese Sandals are her most prized shoe possession. If you look closely you  can even see her freckles. We thought of everything. Cleverly meaningful right?? And at the end of the day it turned out to be a pretty fun sketch! Happy Thursday!

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time to consign

April 25, 2012 8 Comments

This is a new illustration I created for Second Time Around, a consignment company based in Boston with stores opening all around the country. The brand is growing quickly (you may have seen them on Bravo's Fashion Hunters) with a reputation for seriously beautiful designer items at amazing prices. They asked me to help illustrate their online look and some of their other branding materials. This girl is designed to remind you that if their closets start to look like this its time to consider consigning and making some space! I had to laugh when I was sketching this because... my closet is so small... I just... I can't even talk about it. I might start crying. But I was able to pull from my imagination of what a normal sized closet might look like and it came out ok!

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monsoon season

April 23, 2012 5 Comments

hello! good weekend? it was sunny and beautiful here in new york on saturday. i even dared to venture out into the night without tights on, excited to strut my beloved nude heels out for their first night of the season... and the universe responded accordingly by launching a monsoon while i was at dinner. there is nothing else quite as embarrassing as having to run to safety, quaking in your now soaking wet and therefore too-lose-and-slipping-off nude heels and frozen still-winter-pale legs, cowering beneath your five dollar, broken umbrella. so i tried to rectify my shame by illustrating it in a much better light. take that universe. in my illustrated imagination everything, even monsoon season, can look glamorous.

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words to dress by

April 20, 2012 4 Comments

hello! here is a quote painted in sumi ink for you to ponder this weekend. i've been thinking about phrases that are good enough to paint lately and couldn't find one i loved. and then a friend of mine found this one while reading an in-flight magazine. isn't that an unexpected place to find a good quote? happy friday!

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iced coffee season

April 18, 2012 4 Comments

It's that time of year again. Iced coffee time! Is there anything more addicting? I don't think so. I was waiting in line at La Colombe this morning and I flashed back to a memory from a few years ago when I was still living in DC and visiting friends in New York for the weekend. I arrived early on Friday afternoon. The girls were still at work so I went in "the cute little coffee shop on the corner" to wait for them to get home and let me in to their apartment. I remember being so enchanted by this amazing little spot, thinking to myself, "see even the coffee shops are cuter in New York, I have to move here! There are just so many amazing little one of a kind spots here!" I was such a naive tourist. As soon as I moved here I discovered a La Colombe every five blocks and realized that I had not found some hidden gem after all. But it still is amazing coffee. And they are nice there! Even if you just order iced coffee they treat you like a good person. Has anyone else noticed how pointedly unpleasant most hipster barristas are around here? It seems to be a trend - the more organic and fair trade the coffee and the more artistically poured the milk design in the foam, the ruder the person is who is making it for you. And if you DON'T ask for a latte because you are in too big of a hurry to watch them chant a sacred prayer to the gods of cafine before grinding the beans to make your espresso, they actually refuse to speak to you at all as they slap your watered down iced coffee in front of you. You say "thank you, do you have any milk for the coffee?" and they just look away, passive-aggressively sizing up the next unsuspecting victim behind you who nervously asks for just a coffee too - robbing the barrista of one more opportunity to show the world his misunderstood, broodingly beautiful, milk foam art.

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