July 07, 2011 4 Comments

so... I don't really have a back story on this sketch. But these bookends would look perfect strutting around the Hamptons, don't you think? Arriving in New York on Monday, July 4th meant every single person I ran into was talking about how much fun their weekend in the Hamptons was. I am intrigued. I must explore this mythical place! Man... look at me, I've been in new york for less than a week and I am already trying to figure out the fastest way to the beach! But really, it is TOO HOT here. And now that I am sans car, there is no quick retreat into air conditioned oblivion when the going gets rough. Seriously missing my car's "MAX A/C" button right now... Ok, back to hanging curtains and putting up picture frames. Almost all set up here!

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fashionably late

July 05, 2011 15 Comments

hello! happy late 4th of july here is the illustration i should have posted yesterday, but in honor of the holiday, i did something crazy - i took the day off. so i hope you'll enjoy her despite her being fashionably late. i suppose she could just be summery and nautical, not necessarily just a 4th of july illustration. right? oh and guess what... i moved to new york yesterday! i have officially made the transition!

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July 02, 2011 5 Comments

Happy Birthday to Polly! Polly and I have been scampering around DC together for the last three years with our third musketeer, Rad (pictured here) and before that we took Rome, London and, somewhat less glamorously, south western Virginia by storm. So today my birthday wishes to her are bittersweet because we're moving apart for the first time in about seven years. I cannot guarantee that I will know how to function without these two finishing my sentences for me! But at least our three new destinations give us all plenty of reason for fun trips, so I can't wait to visit this little art-historian-turned-architect in her new home at UVA soon. Oh and look, her outfit is a bit patriotic, isn't it? How appropriate. Hope everyone (and birthday girl in particular) is having a fabulous holiday weekend!

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Happy July

July 01, 2011 3 Comments

Calendar changing day Enjoy the holiday weekend!

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playing house

June 29, 2011 5 Comments

i'm getting ready for the BIG MOVE this weekend and i should be packing up boxes. but i keep finding myself glued to design blogs and furniture websites, trying to think of which organs i could sell on the black market to be able to afford all new furniture. i mean, who needs a kidney when you could have this coffee table or this floor lamp? well, maybe i do need my kidney, life can be pretty unpredictable. so i'm thinking an herb garden is the place to start. fresh basil is almost as good as having new throw pillows, right?

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June 28, 2011 2 Comments

Thought you all might enjoy this little interview I did for Fashion Envy

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outfit post

June 27, 2011 6 Comments

so, it just occurred to me. I never do outfit posts talking about what I've worn. do I even count as a blogger? what have I been waiting for? I guess I never really think my outfits are that interesting. maybe NYC will coax the inner fashion dare devil out of me and I'll have some subject matter to work with. in the mean time, I thought I'd illustrate an outfit I saw this weekend that struck my fancy. now call me creepy if you must, I'd prefer it if you called me a young Sartorialist, but I found this girl perfectly captivating, sitting at the next table over at dinner on friday night. Like I was really starring and I think I even turned to watch her walk out so I could inspect her shoes more closely... ok, actually no, it was to enviously note how thin her legs are. But really, she was so cute in her lace semi-see-through top and yellow shorts. What a perfectly carefree outfit for a casual dinner out in Georgetown, no?

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