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June 13, 2011 16 Comments

Good Monday to you! So back in January I had my first real interview with  We Love DC and I was so clueless and unprepared. I don't think I even realized fully that our casual conversation was about to turn into a typed up interview and just babbled away happily. When asked who my favorite couture designer was, Oscar de la Renta's name popped out of my mouth. To be honest I hadn't really established any firm favorites yet. I now understand that my favorite store, designer, trend, blogger, artist, runway show etc are all things I NEED to know at a moments notice to be on top of my game in this "industry" so I've since established some opinions. And happily discovered that my spur of the moment ODLR response still rings true. Well, now I have reasons for having several, ever-changing favorite designers but when it comes to gowns I stand by Oscar. No one else creates gowns as romantic, as inspiring... as just utterly gorgeous. I could lecture for an hour on why this particular dress is amazing - I love that it relies on silhouette and a simple fresh color choice to celebrate the female form as opposed to a lot of crazy shapes or patterns or fabric details. And the model's tattoo adds so much spice to the otherwise lady-like sweetness of the look. I am usually pretty much anti-tattoo, blame it on the Washingtonian conservativeness in my DNA. But in this instance, it is the perfect accessory to this look. I found the photo on OscarPRGirl - a magical internet destination where people actually hang out with Oscar like its no big deal. If you don't keep up with this blog, I don't know what you are doing all day. You must have so much time on your hands. Her chicness keeps me captivated on a daily basis for entirely too much time as I always get lured into clicking through older posts (which then lead to watercolor projects). But I wouldn't have it any other way, shes too fabulous not to spend precious time on. Ok, back to work, but I wanted to share my new blog crush/favorite gown designer with you. Buy a print of the above illustration to keep a little bit of the ODLR magic for yourself!

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theres no place like...

June 09, 2011 21 Comments

NEW YORK, NEW YORK! Above is a modern-day Dorothy, fresh out of a tornado, wearing the Cherbourg Skirt from Fabricly and her signature combo - red heels and ankle socks (don't bother with the link actually, its sold out because The Man Repeller tweeted about it) It is actually now just occurring to me that Dorothy may have been one of the original Man Repellers with those socks in her Ruby Red Slippers... how perfect So anyway, interestingly enough, this illustration came out looking just like me. I am always surprised when I "meet" the girls as they come to life on paper. Its sort of like my pen and my hand have a mind of their own and sometimes the girls they create turn out to look like people I know unintentionally. And today, as fate would have it, it's me. And this is the blog post where I tell everyone - OFFICIALLY - that I am moving to New York. Like Dorothy and the Emerald City, New York has been a magical, important destination in my life for quite some time now. I've actually been dreaming of the day I'd write this post for about a year. (I realize that is the dorkiest sentence I may have ever written) While D.C. will always be home and comforting in its practicality, the style and energy of New York is calling and I can't wait to see how this change impacts the way I work and grow as an artist. Moving on, before I get too mixed up in conflicting allegories. Let me tell you all about it. Moving to the city happens FAST. I picked out an apartment last weekend and I'll living in the East Village in less than three week in a oh-so-petite apartment. I'm a little bit frazzled about how small it is, but I'm up to the challenge of making it cute. Its like decorating the NSS booth only better and for keeps! There's plenty of light and just enough room to keep on illustrating. So don't worry, this blog and I aren't going anywhere, nothings going to change except that its going to be AWESOME because of all the inspiration that will be all around me. I am lucky to have some wonderful friends already in the city to help me make this transition, but if you're up there or know someone who is and want to put me in touch, don't hesitate! I'm looking for new illustration opportunities, new friends, new restaurants and shopping suggestions, new yoga studios -- everything! I can't wait to discover New York and share it with you all. Ok, signing out before I get too sappy! Hang in there, I may be posting a little less over the next few weeks while I get moved, but I'll do my best to keep you updated.

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tara in tibi

June 07, 2011 5 Comments

Happy Birthday to Tara! She's sporting a Tibi number with an open back, which her lovely new hair cut showcases perfectly. At first, I considered putting her in high wasted pants or perhaps a designer backpack. You see, Tara is one of the few people I've ever met that can confidently wear both of these articles of clothing. And then I considered a sleek set of expandables (we both love our lululemon stretch attire aka "expandables" more than is good for us) But I decided the color and cut of this Tibi was too beautiful not to illustrate today. So happy (late) bday Tara, many happy returns and longchamps backpacks for you my dear!

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fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at lunch!

June 06, 2011 7 Comments

Remember that episode of the office? One of my faves. Anyway... behold this cute little logo for the Urban Chic Fashion Show 2011 Urban Chic is my absolutely favorite place to shop in Georgetown. Seriously, its like my second home. I even worked there for a summer when I first graduated and promptly spent every penny I earned on clothes there. They have launched a yearly fashion show that has been a huge hit each year and I am sure this show will be just as great. Their theme is sort of a play on the styles of the 70's, but with a modern, urban, chicness to it of course. The show is going to be held at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore this fall. Follow Urban Chic on the book to get updates about the show if you are in the area!

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June 03, 2011 5 Comments

Hello friends! After I unpacked all my NSS stuff I realized there is NO way I could find another spot on my walls for another piece of art and all these beautiful, framed prints were just huddled together against the wall like orphaned puppies waiting to be adopted to their forever homes. Am I guilting you into shopping? Good... So the only thing to do was to have a sale! So, all the available artwork is listed in the Shopping Section of my site. And hurry on over, there is only ONE of each of these rare birds. I carefully selected each frame on an antiquing adventure and then had each print sized perfectly for each frame. So each piece is truly unique! Happy shopping... First up is "Fendi" and she is gorgeous. This frame is beyond. So beautiful, and quite large so this will really make a statement. Here she is in "an environment" also known as my house. See, isn't she striking?! And here is the ever popular, "Emily's Girls" inspired by the fabulous Emily Giffin novel series. This 18x19" frame is also pretty large so this piece really feels like a focal point when its up on the wall. So cute and fancy. Shop away! And "Frilly" one of my personal favorites. Shes a bit smaller and more understated than the first two. Very classic. Its hard to tell with my amateur photography skillz but the gold of this frame is a bit softer which perfectly suits the hushed tones of this illustration. Shop shop! Next up, "Glass Slippers" is perfectly adorable. Its only 10x10" in size. And this frame is so cool. I found this little wonder whimpering in a corner of an antique mart in Lucketts, Virginia and repainted it and with the help of my trusty frame shop, turned it into a beautiful, confident frame again. "People Watching" is also available. The studded edges of the frame go nicely with the studded loub's she's wearing! This oval framed "Hanneli" is also so delightful in its petite-ness. Only 8x12" it cannot wait to be tucked into the perfect spot on the wall of your beautiful walk in closet. and it looks extra cute with... Its twin sister "Navy Bather"! Ps. Don't you love this wallpaper? And finally "Strutting Stripes" is one 16x18" sassy piece of work. This picture does not do the lacquered black frame justice. But trust me, its shiny and really cute paired with this illustration. Shop away! Well, there you have it. All the framed prints are ready and waiting. Go forth and claim your little piece of the magic that was the NSS booth 1366!

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June 02, 2011 9 Comments

*ALERT* BIG NEWS: Introducing a men's fashion illustration sketch for the first time ever on the blog! proceed at your own risk... Two birthday sketches today! Above is Smith. He is my ever dapper, weekender toting, fashion saavy friend who can smell out a sample sale a mile away. Smith is wearing several articles of his own, I felt too unqualified in the men's fashion department to go out on a limb with his outfit. Next time, I'll get him to style himself! And here is Gunn! Cool name, huh? Shes become a serious shredding expert - skiing to the nonexpert like myself - in Jackson Hole, but as a Baton Rouge, LA native, I wanted to put her in something summery and bright. Shes wearing a Matthew Williamson dress I fell in love with on Sea of Shoes and the Big Buddha bag from Piperlime. Only $90 wooo! So, in closing, happy birthday to two fabulous friends!

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Happy June

June 01, 2011 4 Comments

Time to change the calendar again!

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