April 12, 2011 8 Comments

these are two possible designs I'm working on for new cards! i want to have lots of fresh new cards ready for the national stationery show, what do you think? I love love love peacock feathers and have been wanting to add a feathery note card to my line forever. but ok be honest with me here... when you look at this set of feathers, do you see Wall-e starring back at you through his giant mechanical eyeballs? see what i mean? maybe its just me...

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April 11, 2011 5 Comments

Happy birthday to Julia! and to Maggie! happy (belated) birthday that is. i appear to be slipping up on my birthday illustration punctuality. these are two of my favorite marathon running girls. in fact, maggie just ran her little heart out all over france in the paris marathon. what a way to ring in a birthday, huh? julia and maggie both embody the classic sophistication of kate spade so julia's dress and maggie's clutch are kate originals. happy birthday friends hope it was a happy weekend for you both!!

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playing house

April 07, 2011 4 Comments

hello. I thought you might like to see a little peak behind the scenes into stationery show prep central.  i'll be exhibiting may 15th through 18th in nyc and this large circular sign (It will be two feet tall, not two inches like it is here) will welcome everyone to booth 1366, the future home of Inslee By Design at the National Stationery Show! Since Inslee By Design has always lived in the intangible internet world, I had no idea where I wanted to go with the look of my booth. This is the closest thing I will have ever had to a brick and mortar store front and deciding how it should look was overwhelming! In order to visualize the space I decided pretend I was an interior decorator blogger and made a little roomscape (boothscape). What do you think... Obviously there will be a lot more stuff in there than just that. Lots of samples and other illustrations framed, not just that one. Maybe I'll photoshop a picture of me into it to see how it looks with potential outfits. my new leopard print heels are definitely a conflict of interest with the coral rug...

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bag lady chic

April 06, 2011 7 Comments

I've had an Olsen twin girl crush since high school. Something about matching tiny people in couture is positively fascinating to me. How do they drink that much starbucks??? And don't those giant purses hurt their arms? Fascinating! As a pretty plain jane accessorize myself, I love pouring over photographs of the twins and their extreme adornment and living vicariously through their layers. I suppose if I had a closet that overflowing with that many gorgeous things I might be tempted to try to wear it all at once too. A few weeks ago I found myself mere inches away from Mary Kate in a restaurant in NYC and it was awesome and totally intimidating. (I felt like an oaf too) It was such fun to illustrate MK. Love getting to glop on all the details and accessories!

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April 05, 2011 4 Comments

So I consider myself to be pretty good at not getting influenced by trends too quickly. But all that goes out the window when I see someone with a new exciting shade of nail polish on. I have no will power against Essie and will eagerly paint my nails pretty much any color if "she" tells me to... whoever she is. Right now Escapades red is tempting me to stop my productive day and make my nails match all the cherry colored details I've been admiring in clothes lately too.

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Happy April!

April 01, 2011 3 Comments

I almost forgot its time to change the calendar again! Happy April!

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jet set

April 01, 2011 3 Comments

ok i had an elaborate scheme in the works for today... i was going to post an illustration of a man and announce my new plan to become a mens' fashion illustrator as an april fools joke. but alas, there is never any time to execute these witty pranks i come up with so you will just have to make do with the above lady. she is applicable to this situation because i am jet setting off to miami this weekend. and on that note, i am off! have a delightful weekend!

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