Katherine in Tibi

February 07, 2011 5 Comments

Hi... meet Katherine! Katherine is a financier-turned-flower-enthusiast with angelic strawberry blond curls and extreme dance moves. Also, it was her birthday on Saturday. And because I do not blog on weekends, I am sharing this with you now as part of my newly instated plan to celebrate my friends birthdays with illustrations. Katherine is wearing the stylings of the fashion magpie: Tibi dress, accents of emerald jewelry, and Louboutins. It was so fun to pick out an outfit for her, I can't wait for the next birthday of someone fabulous to style and illustrate. Happy Birthday KP! xoxo

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February 04, 2011 9 Comments

So I pretty much indefinitely vetoed one piece swim wear around the same time I swore never to swim another lap on the dreaded swim team. And that was in the 3rd grade. Not only was the swim team terrifying and confusing (I was disqualified every time for forgetting to touch the wall at the end.... just wait til you hear about my soccer experience) but the hideous one piece suits did nothing for my figure. lose lose situation. But... then the other day somewhere in my daily blog musings I saw a chevron. Not the gas station, but the shape/symbol/pattern... what is it exactly? It's beautiful. And so flattering when wrapped around ones middle section. And now I believe a suit of black and white chevroning is the only way I will ever consider re-entering the world of onesies. and then I got to playing around with some card ideas... for bachelorettes and some such nonesense... Do note the addition of the beach drink in option two. Extra silly. Well anyway, have a delightful weekend. Who else is going to stare blankly at the TV for five hours on Sunday with no idea what's going on? Here's to hoping the ads are good! These three illustrations are also available for purchase. And because I'm feeling generous... 3 for the price of 2!

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flora and fauna

February 02, 2011 11 Comments

Goodwednesday to you all, its time for more question and answer on new card ideas. I simply cannot make decisions for myself. So do you want to see a postcard like whats above, or a standard flat correspondence card like below? Or perhaps a vertically oriented postcard? Or perhaps this whole idea needs some tweaking. What do you think my leeetle guinea pigs?

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Happy February

February 01, 2011 2 Comments

Yipeeeee time to change your calendar again! Last year I started off February by telling everyone how I don't like the month in general. and I am here today to say... February, I'm sorry. I was being closed-minded and judgmental. You really aren't so bad. I mean, what is so bad about one last month of the depths of winter to make sure you got proper use out of your furry black hats and awesome heeled boots? And if it were all hot and sunny out, girlfriend above wouldn't have needed to travel with her entire fleet of suitcases. Any jetsetter worth her salt knows bikinis don't exactly fill up a valise the way extravagantly over-sized sweater can. And don't get me started on traveling with multiple pairs of OTK boots... might as well get a steamer trunk. Plus, would we love the spring nearly as much if we hadn't frozen through those extra 28 days? I think not. February is alright by me. In fact, from the rosy vantage point of this moment in time, I dare to say, I haven't really met a month I don't like.

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friday dancing

January 28, 2011 6 Comments

Hello! Have you all seen this Prada SS2011 video? It simultaneously cracks me up and inspires me deeply. So in an effort to continually raise the bar for my feats of illustration, I decided to illustrate straight from the video. It was a feat indeed. My pausing skills are razor sharp. I chose to illustrate this pose because it combines all my favorite elements of the video. crazy shades: check, crazy hat: check, near nipple slip: check, war face on model: check, ugly shoes: check! It reminded me very much of a picture of myself from childhood, right down to the war face, intricate pattern mixing and large brimmed hat. I'll dig it up and share, its quite inspiring to think a six year old predicted this collection decades before its release. Have a wonderful weekend! and buy a print!

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January 25, 2011 13 Comments

So you've probably already seen these, but if you are not on my email list or a facebook fan or a twitter follower (shameless self-promotion! yipee!) then you might have missed them. So here they are: two new cards! this one is called "be mine!" and yes, it is a valentine. I contemplated the text for a long while before settling on "be mine!" because i thought the sunglasses/trenchcoat and sneaky pose combo sort of suggested a secret admirer/someone in disguise. so i really wanted the cards to say "happy valentines day from your stalker" but my mom told me that was too creepy, oh well. my humor is just too evolved i guess, the world isn't ready. and this one, Berry Kiss, is the other newest arrival! and this one is wearing many hats - it could be a subtle valentine or just stationery, you chose!

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January 24, 2011 8 Comments

Good morning! Some flowers for you... What are your thoughts on this as a new card? Would it benefit from some of my usual black pen sketching or does it stand up with just paint? and perhaps with a name atop it?

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