friday sketches

October 08, 2010 3 Comments

an illustrated reminder to strut your stuff this weekend!

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National Stationery Show 2011

October 07, 2010 4 Comments

Hello everyone, guess what!!! I am officially among the esteemed and chosen few vendors (probably more like clamoring masses) at the 2011 National Stationery Show in New York City scheduled for this coming May! I'm so excited! I know it's going to be a lot of hard work to get ready for, but for now, its time to celebrate, perhaps like these flappers are... Buy a print of this illustration!

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who's ready for christmas???

October 06, 2010 4 Comments

Me neither. It's only October, I know. But.. if you want to send out Christmas cards in December then someone has to start thinking about making those cards in October! Here's a sneak peak of a new folded card that will be available soon....

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how do i look?

October 05, 2010 0 Comments

So... I just discovered the best blog ever: The Man Repeller It makes fun of all the things about fashion that gets taken oh-so-seriously and is refreshing and very very funny. I was crying laughing. The premise is that fashion's quest to become high art has completely derailed the whole concept of design as a way to make the body appealing (to the opposite sex in particular). In short - by wearing gladiator sandals and high waisted pants we are becoming repulsive to men. We are Man Repellers. So, in honor of my new favorite blogger, I have illustrated a look I am sure would have any man running for cover if he were to come across it walking towards him: isn't she wonderful in all her man repelling glory? her shoes are about to take flight!

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October 04, 2010 2 Comments

inspired by dvf. so feminine and delicate. and loved the model's crazy hair... like a glamorous snooki Buy a print!

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Happy October

October 01, 2010 0 Comments

October is in my estimation the best month of the year. The weather is perfect for wearing fall and winter clothes without actually needing them for their warmth. You finally can put away all the tired summer stuff and luxuriate in sweaters because they're brand new not because your turning blue from frost bite. And boots for boots sake, not because there's an inch of sludge on the sidewalks.... heavenly. Plus its finally time to start baking and drinking hot coffee again and as if this all isn't enough there are colorful leaves falling everywhere and you get to wear Halloween costumes. Best month, end of story.

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Some more spring

September 29, 2010 1 Comment

Two other looks I'm looking forward to! Victoria Beckham's spring 2011... And J. Mendel spring 2011! Bring on the white dresses... oh wait, eight more months till spring.

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