W E D D I N G   S U I T E S
I design paper suites that set the tone for wedding celebrations. 
Starting with the paper for my own wedding five years ago, I've steadily been building a wealth of knowledge about the protocol, etiquette and rules around wedding paper (and when to break them!) 
I can design and produce everything from the text to art to the stamps on your envelopes and am eager to walk you through the materials and processes available to use. 
(contact me to begin the process and to learn more about prices and options and all the things)
C U S T O M   P O R T R A I T U R E
I create original works on paper inspired by photographs. I typically work on an 8x10" scale or larger. Each project varies in nature and lead-time so please contact me to discuss more
C U S T O M   C R E S T / E M B L E M
I create floral (or otherwise) wreath-crests for branding events and weddings inspired by your vision for the occasion, favorite colors, flora and fauna. Each project varies in scope and lead-time so, again, please contact me to learn more
S A V E   T H E   D A T E S
Just yet another example of a custom project! contact away