Hello! I’m Inslee Fariss. I am a New York City based artist and illustrator. 

I create art for individual clients and large companies alike. I find joy in fashion illustration and also in larger scale, fine art figure studies and even animal paintings and drawings for a nursery or child's room. I love designing and producing paper for weddings. I adore creating bespoke correspondence stationery. Need an onsite-event-illustrator? I'm your girl! Want to hire an artist to lead a group painting class? Call me! Need someone to hand-paint the walls of your bathroom/the place cards for your dinner party table/24 give bags for your 3 year old's birthday? Look no further. 

As an artist who paints on command, each day offers up unexpected new opportunities for creativity. It is truly a joy to start each new day with a blank piece of paper as it has been for the past ten years as I've painted my way through so many wonderful new clients, projects and inspiring connections. 

I can't wait to hear what you have in store for me!