Licenses and Commissioned Illustrations



All of my illustrations are available to be licensed for commercial use. I have a number of clients who have licensed one or more of my illustrations for use on their website, on business cards, store displays, magazine ads, etc. You can view many of my illustrations for cards and calendars under the SHOP section of this website, but I have many more. Also see my ART GALLERY for other examples of my work.


I take on a limited number of commissions. Illustrations for brides-to-be and special business promotions are just a few of the projects I have been working on recently.

If you are interested in either a license or custom illustration, contact or email me for the details and quotes.


All illustrations and images that I, Inslee Haynes, have created for this web site and/or illustrations that I have been commissioned for are protected from misappropriation, misuse, and unauthorized use by copyright law and international copyright treaties, as well as other laws and treaties that uphold intellectual property rights. I retain the right to use any illustration that has been commissioned to promote my work. Promotion includes the right to use these illustrations on my blog, in other social media, and to make these illustrations available to others on a non-commercial basis as examples of my work. I will not accept payment from anyone to whom I have provided these commissioned illustrations as examples of my work. Anyone using any of my illustrations must obtain my permission in advance and if the illustration is used for commercial purposes must have paid me an agreed upon fee before using any illustration. Any illustration used in any way must contain a credit indicating that Inslee Haynes is the illustrator. Anyone granted permission to use any of my illustrations is subject to these policies.


I ship my cards by USPS Priority Mail to locations in the U.S. for which there is a shipping and handling charge. International orders are shipped USPS Global Priority Mail to countries that accept Global Priority Mail. Shipping and handling charges are based on current rates and fees.

Return Policy

If for any reason you are not satisfied, just return your cards and I will send you a refund.